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All About Home Foreclosure In AlbertaHome foreclosure can be a traumatic experience. If you're a homeowner in financial distress, it helps to know what's coming, what to expect, and what you can do about it. In Alberta, the home foreclosure process can be time consuming, so if you're having a hard time making payments, you may be able to catch up before the foreclosure process is finished. Here's what you need to know.

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What Causes Home Foreclosure in Alberta?

Many homeowners go into foreclosure in Alberta because of a missed mortgage payment. However, there are other reasons that a homeowner might go into foreclosure, including:

  • Missed
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How to Prepare Your Home for a Home ShowingYour real estate agent gives you a call to let you know that he'll be arriving for a showing in less than an hour. Your house is in a shambles from top to bottom but you don't want to cancel the viewing. You run through the house to make it presentable and have pull it off at the last minute. You decide that you never want to do this again and want to be better prepared for the next showings. Here are 3 tips that you can use to help keep your home in shape and always ready for visitors.

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Always Be Prepared

Have the basic assumption planted in your mind that you're going to have a showing daily. This

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How Curb Appeal Can Help Your Home Sell FasterA lot of potential home buyers will base their decision on whether they want to view a home based on the outside look of it. First impressions are so important when it comes to real estate so you'll want to make your home look its best at all times. You never know when a potential home buyer may be driving past your house and decide whether or not to add yours to their list of viewings.

Curb Appeal Checklist

In order to find out whether your home passes the curb appeal test stop in front of it when you're driving home one day and take a look at it as a potential buyer would. What is your first impression of the home and would you consider scheduling a viewing based on the outside appearance?

  • Is the driveway in good shape? Are there any
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How to Market Your Home Successfully to SellOver the past few years we have seen a huge shift in the way small businesses and multi-billion dollar companies market their products. There has been a big shift in where these companies have allocated their marketing budget and there is a reason why. The Internet & Social Media is changing the way we market products, engage with prospects and use technology to our benefit.

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Print Marketing in Real Estate

In the past print marketing was a very effective way for real estate agents to market homes to buyers. People used to pick up the weekly real estate news paper, magazines and property books to view

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Why Selling Your Home Without a Real Estate Agent Might Be a Bad IdeaFor some home owners, selling a home without the help of a real estate agent is a tempting way to save money. Unfortunately, there are some pitfalls to the for sale by owner model. Understanding these pitfalls can help home owners to decide for themselves whether they want to sell their home with or without the help of a real estate professional.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Pricing Problems

Real estate agents are specially trained to price homes properly. They use a model that compares like homes in a neighbourhood or a community. After evaluating the prices of comparable properties, real estate agents can determine

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Open House RulesYou have a beautiful home, and you know it will sell quickly if you can just get people in to see it. There are many steps to selling a house, but here are ways you can make showings easier on your real estate agent and prospective buyers.

Should I Stage My Home?

What is home staging and how important is it? The way that sellers stage a home sends a clear message to buyers. That message could be, "I love my home so much that I don't really want someone else to buy it," or "I am going to let you decide if this home is right for you." Most experts will tell you that the latter is the better choice. You do not have to make a vast number of improvements just so buyers will be interested, but it will be worth it to you financially to put the home

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How to Price Your Home to SellIf you're like many Calgarians, you're expecting to make a lot when you sell your home. A poll released by BMO and conducted by Pollara shows that 33% of the residential home owners here in the city believe that their home is worth twice as much now than it was at the time of purchase.

The survey also shows that 32% of Canadians think that their home is worth double the amount they first invested into it. The results were also high in major cities across the country. In Montréal, 48% of those polled believe that their home is worth twice the amount while 43% of the residents in Vancouver and 42% of the home owners in Toronto believe the same thing.

Nationally, average Canadian homeowners are expecting to see a 62% ROI on the sale of their

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4 Tips for Marketing Your Home (the Right Way)Most people know that marketing is folded into practically everything they see. From toothpaste ads to funny Facebook posts, companies all over the country are trying to make their mark whenever and wherever they can. But not everyone knows that they can use marketing tricks to sell their home the same way they might sell their used clothes on eBay. Sellers can boost their offers by making their home just a little more appealing to the right people.

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The First Public Appearance

The first public appearance of a home starts when a seller officially lists it on the market. This is the time for sellers to

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What to Do When Your Home Won't SellYou have put your home on the market a few months ago and it just hasn't captivated a buyer yet. You have done everything you can do to make it marketable but there's something keeping it from selling.

What to Do When Your Home Won’t Sell

Not necessarily either of them. Dropping the price may not be the right thing to do. It may not be the price that is keeping the buyers away. It may be something completely different.

A lot of home sellers automatically assume that a high price is the reason that their home isn't selling. This is data that is only based on an assumption and before you go ahead and make any changes regarding the selling of your property you should first find out what it is that needs to be changed.

Identify the Problem

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Selling Your Home SuccessfullySelling a home is a process with many steps. From staging to marketing, there are many opportunities for sellers to misstep and compromise the sale of their home. Consider the following tips, steps, and advice to ensure a successful home sale.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

View Your Home Sale as a Business Proposition

When you first decide to sell your home you'll be calling in a real estate agent. Not only will he recommend a selling price but he may also suggest getting rid of a lot of the clutter in your home. This may also include furniture. The reasoning behind this is quite simple. The less clutter and distractions that you

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