How to Market Your Home Sale for Better Offers

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, December 10th, 2018 at 8:21am.

4 Tips for Marketing Your Home (the Right Way)Most people know that marketing is folded into practically everything they see. From toothpaste ads to funny Facebook posts, companies all over the country are trying to make their mark whenever and wherever they can. But not everyone knows that they can use marketing tricks to sell their home the same way they might sell their used clothes on eBay. Sellers can boost their offers by making their home just a little more appealing to the right people.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The First Public Appearance

The first public appearance of a home starts when a seller officially lists it on the market. This is the time for sellers to decide if their home is a high-end fantasy or a discounted dream. Believe it or not, both scenarios can work to a seller's advantage. If the home is priced on the high end for the neighborhood, it gives sellers a chance to point out all the upgrades they've done that make the home so valuable. Now is a good time to brag about those new granite countertops or the rain shower head they had installed. If the home is listed on the low end, it can hook the interest of two serious buyers, resulting in a bidding war that moves the price up, up, and away.

Finding Social Media

Social media can be a great way for sellers to find buyers that may not have seen the sign on the lawn or the listing on the MLS. Plus, custom social media groups give home buyers a means to narrow down their search far more than a real estate booklet ever could. For example, people may form a group just for buyers interested in a specific block of the neighborhood. Sellers can also get lucky by advertising to people looking on behalf of a home buyer.

So if an elderly Panorama new home buyer is searching in a seller's area, the seller can connect via social media with a friend who is also looking for potential properties. Finally, social media groups give social media groups a way to spot which demographics are looking for homes. If a seller notices that most buyers on social media are young families, they can redesign the second bedroom to be a nursery and the third bedroom to be a playroom.

Glossy Advertisements

The human brain reacts to high-quality images and graphics instinctively compared to their low-budget counterparts:

  • Staging: From rustic to French country, sellers can stage their home however they like to attract the most attention. Splurging on quality furniture and decorations will not only make the home look more appealing during open houses, but it can also produce better images for any other advertising efforts a seller may make.
  • Graphics: Photos and videos are there to help the buyer picture themselves in the home before they even step foot inside it. The cozy fireplace, gourmet kitchenware, and cashmere throw may seem over the top, but they're legitimate ways to form emotional bonds between property and person.
  • Virtual reality: VR tours are the latest in home marketing, allowing customers to 'walk' around inside a home and experience its many features. Sellers with luxury homes should consider this as a potential option because it tends to attract serious buyers.

Real Estate Agents

The right real estate agent can put a seller's marketing campaign together in a way they never could have on their own. A seller who wants to market their home without any help may not even know where to start. Agents know how to tailor a marketing strategy so that it really resonates with buyers.

Finding the right professional help is important not just for the practical questions of marketing a home for better offers, but also the legal implications as well. For example, if the seller is hiring a drone to capture aerial footage of the home, they have to be careful they don't overstep their neighborhood restrictions about when and where they can film. The right agent can ensure that all marketing is done within the letter of the law.

Real estate agents also know the most about who is buying the homes in a neighborhood. From MLS pricing to staging, knowing the demographics is a huge step in marketing. They may even be prepared to design a whole website for the home if they think it will help a seller get more for it.

A home is a huge investment in a person's life, so it deserves some attention when it comes time to sell it. The truth is that the right marketing can be the difference between selling a home at the top or the bottom of the market.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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