How Important Is Curb Appeal?

Posted by Justin Havre. on Friday, February 15th, 2019 at 7:00am.

How Curb Appeal Can Help Your Home Sell FasterA lot of potential home buyers will base their decision on whether they want to view a home based on the outside look of it. First impressions are so important when it comes to real estate so you'll want to make your home look its best at all times. You never know when a potential home buyer may be driving past your house and decide whether or not to add yours to their list of viewings.

Curb Appeal Checklist

In order to find out whether your home passes the curb appeal test stop in front of it when you're driving home one day and take a look at it as a potential buyer would. What is your first impression of the home and would you consider scheduling a viewing based on the outside appearance?

  • Is the driveway in good shape? Are there any oil stains present?
  • Has the grass been mowed recently?
  • Is there any paint peeling?
  • Is there any clutter in the yard or on the front porch?
  • Are there any weeds in the flower beds?
  • Does the house look dirty?
  • Do the windows need a cleaning?
  • Does the fence need repairs?
  • Is the walkway to the front door clear of debris?

Make sure that you do this exercise during the light of day so that you don't miss anything important. Put together a list of "to do" items that can make your home more presentable on the outside. While you may have the perfect home inside, buyers may overlook the house based on their first impression of the exterior.

In most cases it will only take a Saturday afternoon to get your house looking better on the outside so that more people decide to take a look at what you really have to offer on the inside.

How Important is Curb Appeal for a Home Sale?

It’s often said that you can’t judge a book by its cover but a lot of potential home buyers decide whether or not they want to take a look through a home based on its exterior appearance. While the interior of your home may be absolutely beautiful, you could be scaring away many buyers if the landscaping isn’t up to par. The curb appeal of your house is extremely important when your home is on the market.

Many people feel that a home that looks unkept on the outside will appear the same inside. If you have brown patches appearing on your lawn, overgrown bushes, and your fence is missing a couple of slats, buyers may very well assume that the home interior will also be in disarray. The last thing most home buyers want to deal with when moving into a new home is repairs.

Landscaping may also increase the value of the house. In fact, it’s been shown that landscaping can increase the sale price of a home by as much as 14%. Buyers want to be proud of their living space and are often willing to spend more money on a home when it is well-maintained on the outside. At a time when more homes are being added to the inventory you’ll want to take advantage of the best selling tips for a faster sale.

It usually doesn’t take a lot of work or money to improve your landscaping. Start by trimming your overgrown bushes, get rid of exterior clutter, and repair any broken spots in your fence. Plant flowerbeds strategically with colourful flowers to brighten up the surrounding area and hire a neighbour’s teenager to keep the lawn trimmed for a small fee. With just a few extra touches you can considerably shorten the amount of time it will take to sell your home.

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