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Prevent Injuries from these Common Home Safety HazardsCanadian residents may think that they are safe in their home but still be unaware of the serious safety hazards that may require their attention. Adults, young children and the elderly can all be at risk of injury or worse in those homes wherein homeowners may have neglected to pay attention to common home safety hazards.

Here are some common home safety hazards found throughout Canadian residences today.

Smoke and Fire Hazards

All Canadian residents should ensure that their smoke alarms are working properly as fires often start at night when people are sleeping. An operating smoke alarm can save lives. More than one smoke alarm may be needed and should be located in every room of the home and on every level. Smoke alarms need to be

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How to Market Your Home Successfully to SellOver the past few years we have seen a huge shift in the way small businesses and multi-billion dollar companies market their products. There has been a big shift in where these companies have allocated their marketing budget and there is a reason why. The Internet & Social Media is changing the way we market products, engage with prospects and use technology to our benefit.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Print Marketing in Real Estate

In the past print marketing was a very effective way for real estate agents to market homes to buyers. People used to pick up the weekly real estate news paper, magazines and property books to view

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Explore the Haunted Buildings in CalgaryMany old buildings have their share of history, but some attract attention for an altogether different reason. Some homes and structures in Calgary, Alberta appear to be haunted and tales of ghostly visitations continue to bring goose bumps to young and old. Those looking for some of the more unusual attractions in Calgary may want to consider a visit to a few of these allegedly haunted places.

Signs of Hauntings in the Home

Colin Bengert, executive director of the Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigations (CAPI), spent eight years investigating the paranormal and knows how it's done. Most calls about a haunting have the same experiences including:

  • Hearing ghostly voices
  • Seeing electronics or lights flicker on and off
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How to Winterize Your HomeIn the frigid cold of the Canadian winter, it’s important for people to not only prepare themselves but their homes. Taking the time to winterize a home can help prevent the harsh cold from damaging it later on, especially if it's going to be put on the market to be sold in the Spring. There are many ways homeowners can winterize their homes, but here are some simple ways that don’t require much time or effort to complete.

1. Change the Furnace Filter

A furnace’s filter should be changed a few times a year in order to help it keep running properly. However, it’s especially important to replace the filter when winterizing a home. Changing the filter regularly helps extend a furnace’s lifespan, keeps energy costs lower because it doesn’t have

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The Best Countertop Materials for Your KitchenYou're out and about viewing homes with your real estate agent and you run across a beautiful house with a gleaming countertop in the kitchen. You ask what the countertop is made of and the homeowner lets you know that it's granite. You visit another house with an equally inspiring countertop and find out that this one is made of quartz. While both of these higher-end counters are both very aesthetic, you may be wondering which one is the best, or if there are other countertop styles you should consider.

Quartz and Granite Countertops

Both granite countertops and quartz countertops are extremely durable materials that can last for years. They both cost about the same too, and a lot of the difference between the two comes down to your own

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The Best Bistros in CalgaryAll around the city, Calgarians can get a delicious bite of food to eat by visiting one of the bistros around the city. A bistro is a French-inspired type of eatery known for its small space, intimate atmosphere, and traditional foods, and it's the perfect place to get a cozy meal with friends and family.

Do you want to visit a local Calgary bistro? Try one of the selections below today.

Suzette Bistro

The Suzette Bistro is one of the finest places to go if you love local, seasonal cuisine. They provide authentic dishes with an inspiration coming from the North of France.

The bistro comes from the same founders as Cassis Bistro, which has won many awards. They provide something you cannot find everywhere and there's plenty to enjoy about

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Calgary is full of great bars of all different types and provides a number of excellent choices. Here are the coolest bars you can visit in Calgary.

Milk Tiger Lounge

Many have said this hole-in-the-wall is similar to a New York City type of bar. It's a bit narrow and small, but once you get to a table, it's worth it. Milk Tiger Lounge provides an extensive cocktail list with plenty of great features.

The menu is full of excellent choices and this is a great place for music, as well. The lounge is open from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

Vin Room West

Located on the west end of town is the Vin Room West. It's perfect for wine and tapas for something lighter to eat. They have a large bar with wine dispensers and over 100 wines

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There is nothing wrong with wanting to go inside of a dining establishment and enjoying a nice meal with your family and friends. Sometimes, however, it is nice to go outside and enjoy a meal while soaking up the sun. Fortunately, there are lots of great places to enjoy a delicious meal on a patio in Calgary.

Original Joe's

Original Joe's is a casual restaurant that features what most would consider to be a traditional American style cuisine. It is a great choice if you are looking to soak up the sun with some friends while you enjoy some American food.

Merchants Restaurant & Bar

Merchants Restaurant & Bar is a newer addition to the more than 130 shops and places to dine in this vibrant district. Craft beers, hand-rolled pizza, and a

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The Best Ice Cream in CalgaryWhether you love to drink a milkshake or you prefer to indulge with a sundae or ice cream cone, there's an ice cream parlor for you in Calgary. Many excellent ice cream shops provide exactly what you're after. Here are the top places to help you fulfill your cravings.

Village Ice Cream

If you indulge with a sweet and cold treat, Village Ice Cream is one of the top choices in the city. They provide ten excellent flavors including Toasted Coconut, Maple Pecan, Huckleberry, Cardamom, Guide's Mint, Salted Caramel, Strawberry, Phil & Sebastian Coffee, Chocolate and Village Vanilla Bean. They also carry seasonal flavors.

Made by Marcus Ice Cream

For a truly local treat, Calgary residents and visitors head to Made by Marcus Ice Cream. This ice

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Healthy Restaurants in CalgaryThese days more and more people are becoming conscious of the foods they eat. The problem is sometimes it can be very difficult to find healthy options when dining out. The good news is several restaurants in the Calgary area cater to the healthy conscious diner. Here are a few healthy dining out options for you to try.


Blink is a very sophisticated and sleek restaurant. It is housed in a historic building and looks like many of the other upscale restaurants in the area. Their seasonal menu includes healthy options such as braised green cabbage and roast Arctic char. The food here is always prepared with top notch ingredients.

Veg-In YYC

Noticing that there were not as many options for plant-based meals in Calgary, the owners at

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