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Baby boomers are getting older and greatly influence the housing trends here in Calgary and across Canada. The largest increase in birth numbers since 1921 took place in 1945 and 1946, which was the beginning of the baby-boom. It ended in 1964 and 1965. This means that there were approximately 20 years of increased birth amounts and these babies are now in their late 40s - 60s.

There were more than 8.2 million babies born during this time period. If you average that out it's about 412,000 births yearly. During the same time women were averaging 3.7 children each while in recent years the number has decreased to 1.7. The 2011 Census figures showed that approximately 3/10 Canadians were baby boomers.

How Baby Boomers Affect Real Estate Trends

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The Difference Between an Interior Designer and DecoratorThere are home decorators and there are interior designers. While anyone can call themselves a decorator, an interior design title is earned through a degree. A designer can get down into the nitty-gritty of planning extensive changes in your home while a decorator can work with the existing space on a more superficial level. This is why an interior decorator generally charges a lot more.

The Role of a Home Designer

When you have a large project that you're working with there is a process behind the designer's job. Plans can include a schematic design, the design development, documents for construction, bidding for the building project and administering the construction. All or only some of these design stages may be necessary depending on the

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How to Choose Between a Bank and a Mortgage BrokerIf you're new to the world of purchasing a home and haven't taken out a mortgage before, you may be confused about the differences between a mortgage broker and a loan officer at the bank. Although they can both provide you with a mortgage, there are differences between them that you'll want to learn so that you can get end up getting the best mortgage possible that matches your personal financial situation.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed mortgage professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Using a Mortgage Broker For Your Mortgage

This is a professional that specializes in mortgages and acts as a third-party to bring together borrowers and lenders. A broker can access a variety of lenders

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The Importance of Removing Smoke From Your Home Before SellingA new survey was conducted by Pfizer Canada that asked real estate brokers and agents in the province of Ontario about the price changes that could occur due to an owner smoking in their home. The survey showed that smoking could reduce a property's value by up to 29%. It's important to note, however, that Pfizer Canada is a pharmaceutical company that promotes a medication to help smokers quit the habit!

How Smoke Smell Affects Home Resale Value

During the course of the study it was found that 401 brokers and agents agreed that smoking does make selling a home more difficult when compared to one that is smoke-free. More than half of the professionals surveyed, 56% of them, said that the buyers they work with are less likely to buy a home where

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How to Target Your Real Estate MarketThe fastest way to find buyers when selling your home is by figuring out who would want it. There are target markets for anything that is being sold in today's society and the same is true for real estate. When you find your target market and connect with them you will have more interested buyers because they want what you have to offer.

You aren't going to try to sell a one bedroom condo to a family with four children. Likewise, you probably won't end up selling a large estate house to a retired senior. You can narrow down what your target market is by looking at the location of your property, its size and the demographic factors of the community.

What Different Demographics Can You Target?

There are some areas in Calgary that attract

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How to Avoid Real Estate ScamsIt's important to take certain precautions when you're house hunting or looking for a place to rent. In today's tight real estate market in Calgary, it can be easier to fall prey to a scam due to desperation. In order to help you avoid these scams, we have put together some common sense guidelines to follow.

Avoid Sending Money

You'll want to be sure that there's a legitimate person at the other end of the transaction. If you're ever asked to send money through the mail or via wire transfer, turn the other way and run. A legitimate transaction will take place either between the buyer/ renter and the seller/ landlord in person or through an accredited property management company or real estate agent. The best way to make sure your transaction

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The Best Mothers Day Brunches In CalgaryThere are special Mother's Day brunches occurring in many restaurants across Calgary on this special day that celebrates moms and everything they do for their children. Take her out for a brunch at her favorite restaurant or surprise her with a new menu to choose from at a different place. Here are just some of the brunches available in the city this year:

Chop Steakhouse & Bar in Chinook

For a special indulgence in crab and steak, take your mother out for a spectacular brunch this Sunday. Whether mom loves succulent fresh seafood, prime cut beef, or prefers traditional breakfast and lunch fare items, Chop Steakhouse & Bar in Chinook will delight her every sense. The brunch runs until 2 PM, and Mother's Day reservations are recommended.

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The Best Neighbor Day Events in CalgaryNeighbour Day is a holiday in Calgary that began about 5 years ago, after the city experienced devastating floods and the local residents banned together to overcome the devastation. Now, it's a beloved annual tradition that aims to celebrate what makes the city of Calgary great. There are activities and events planned throughout the city, all of which are designed to bring people together.

These are the best celebration ideas for Neighbour Day in Calgary:

Neighbour Day Market

For centuries, markets have been a gathering place where people can take care of business, have a conversation with their neighbours and get a bite to eat. The first Neighbour Day Market will take place from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on June 15 at the Panorama Hills

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The Best Calgary Events for Canada DayIt's Canada Day and there are a lot of activities planned for the day here in Calgary. Join the free activities that include live music performed on Riverfront stage by Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Mother Mother, BassBus and Food Truck Roundup at Festival Market, a Powwow by First Nations on Prince's Island and then take in the incredible fireworks display by Hudson's Bay. Here are just some of the free events that are being put on this year to mark Canada's birthday:

Prince’s Island Park Powwow

From 9:30 AM until 6 PM you can enjoy this powwow that showcases the original dress and culture of the First Nations of Canada. There will be dancing, music and storytelling to celebrate the contributions that have been made by First Nations people

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How to Organize Your Calgary Office SpaceIf you're one of the many Calgarians that works at home you'll want to have an organized space and environment to work in. More and more people are working either full time at home or are telecommuting part-time to work on some projects. In order to help you get a handle on organizing your home so that you can remain productive on the job, here are some interesting tips you can use.

Invest In A High Quality Office Chair

If you don't have one already, this can be the best investment that you could ever make in a home office. Your sitting posture needs to be optimum if you're going to be spending a lot of time working at home. There are many ergonomically designed chairs available and you should look at getting a good one. You can skimp and

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