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5 Roofing Materials You Should Use on Your HomeA home’s roof will naturally wear down over time, and depending on what it’s made out of, it may have a lifetime of 20-30 years or longer before needing to be replaced. Replacing a roof is a big job that homeowners want to do as little as possible, and picking the right material can help a roof last a long time. But what are the different types of roofing materials available? Here are some of the popular options and what makes them good choices.

Composition and Asphalt Shingles

Although they may go by two different names, these are the same shingles, and they’re the most popular roofing option for residential roofing and can be easily identified by the asphalt base covered in granules that give it the look of extremely rough sandpaper.

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Minimize Pet Presence Before Listing a Home for SaleMore than 7.5 million Canadian households have pets, according to 2016 statistics. Most people love animals and understand the loving relationship between humans and their pets. Pet-friendly features can be exactly what a buyer is looking for. What buyers don't love, however, is to see or smell evidence of those beloved pets in every room and in every corner of the yard and selling a home, especially in a competitive market, with pets can be a great challenge

The first and most important rule is to always have the pet away from the property during a showing. Take the dog for a walk; put the cat in a carrier and go to a neighbour's home. Real estate agents and buyers alike can be intimidated by a dog barking in the yard, or by signs that say

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Best Ideas for Outdoor Living SpacesAt one time, it was enough to have a patio in the backyard for lounging and entertaining. Today's homeowners are more sophisticated, which may be why outdoor living areas are gaining in popularity and becoming a popular home improvement for homeowners and sellers. The best outdoor living areas have a variety of components that can increase comfort and give homeowners options as they spend time outside.


Sun is a welcome component of any outdoor living area, but it can also get hot and uncomfortable. No outdoor living area is complete without shelter to give shade. Shade can be provided in many ways, so it's up to the homeowner to decide how it should be done.

  • Canvas covering. This option is utilitarian, easy to install and
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The Facts About the Use of Green Technology in Sustainable BuildingSustainable building has come a long way in a short time, which has made it difficult for the average construction company to keep pace with the new developments. Even as 3D printers spit out entire homes on test sites in mere hours and windows are developed with the help of Wi-Fi, most homes are still using a fairly traditional model of completion. Luckily, Canada has is heavily invested in the green movement, and their efforts are starting to pay off. See how different technologies break down and how they all add up to fewer emissions and cleaner air.


When a new building in Ontario was constructed under the Zero Carbon standard, one of its main features was its geo-exchange (or geothermal) heating system. Adaptable to

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Selling in a Buyer's Market: How to Keep Your ProfitGetting a home ready for sale requires a lot of care, but even more so in a buyer's market. When sellers take advantage of this information, they will know how to help their homes stand out from others in the neighbourhood.

What Is a Buyer's Market?

The definition of a buyer's market is somewhat malleable. Simply put, a buyer's market means that there are more homes for sale than there are interested buyers. Although this dynamic is often divided by region, there could be different kinds of markets from one neighbourhood to the next, or among pricing levels. For example, there might be a tight seller's market for homes under a certain price, and a buyer's market for home prices that are much higher.

How Can Sellers Improve Their Homes for

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Everything You Need to Know About Closing CostsThe payment of closing costs is one of the last things that happens during the home buying process. For a home buyer, it's important to understand what closing costs are and how much they'll cost. Home buyers who go into the process with this knowledge are often more prepared to buy a home.

What Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs are the administrative fees associated with certain steps of the home buying process. Closing costs can vary depending on where the house is, how much it costs and other factors. Still, most home buyers pay between 1.5% and 4% of the purchase price of the home in closing costs. Budgeting for this money up front can help home buyers who are just starting process of purchasing a home.

When Are Closing Costs Paid?

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How to Buy a Home In A Seller's MarketA seller's market is a market with too many buyers and not enough homes. Prices are high in a seller's market, forcing the buyer to scramble to obtain a deal on the home they wish to purchase. Though a seller's market is competitive, buyers who are serious about purchasing a home can adjust their strategies to ensure that they will stand out among the other buyers.

Act Fast When a Home is Listed

Good deals go fast in a seller's market. To get the best deals, home buyers must look at the listings every morning, go see homes as soon as they become available and put down offers before anyone else. In a market like this, it's important to work with a responsive real estate agent who acts quickly when there is a home that needs to be seen. It's also

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The Best Locations to RV Camp in AlbertaAlberta is a kind of "IMAX" experience; it intrudes on all the senses, capturing one's imagination and fueling dreams of adventure amidst spectacular scenery. The western province is a land of contrasts, with topography that ranges from prairie to forest to towering, snow-covered peaks, sometimes all within just a few miles. Meandering creeks give way to stunning glacial lakes; waving wheat fields morph into Canada's version of "Badlands" with little warning, and Calgary, despite its modern skyscrapers, seems still steeped in the traditions of surrounding farm and ranch land.

The northern Rocky Mountains lie along the western border where Alberta meets British Columbia. In the northeast, the province gives way to sparsely-inhabited vast Northwest

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The Differences Between a Vacation Home and a Primary ResidenceFew things are more tempting than a vacation home for when real life is starting to get under your skin. But buying a second home—much like selling one—may not be as simple as heading there on the weekends. See how the financials, terms, and responsibilities are different, and how buyers can prepare themselves before they even start looking at what's available on the market.

Mortgages and Financials

A vacation (or second) home is typically defined as a second home, as opposed to a rental home which would qualify as an investment opportunity. (Certain areas of Canada will not even allow rentals.) Second homes can be purchased for as little as 5 percent down (with LMI), while a rental property will require at least 20 percent down.

Buyers of a

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Home Technology Smart Gadgets That Save Money and Simplify Your LifeSmart technology for homes involves useful devices that not only simplify the art of living but also offer a high return on investment (ROI) for home owners. ROI is a business term referring to the ability to make money by investing in something, whether it is stocks, taking out a loan to start company or collecting antiques. Some great smart technology items homeowners should consider as high ROI investments include:

Robotic Room Vacuum Cleaners

Looking like a toy-sized, grounded UFO, robotic vacuum cleaners clean your tile or carpeted floors by constantly roaming a room and sucking up dirt and debris just like a regular vacuum cleaner. With sensors embedded along the sides of a robot vacuum cleaners, this handy appliance navigates obstacles

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