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What You Need to Know About Home InsulationFinding the right insulation isn't just a smart move for responsible homeowners who want to cut down on their heating and cooling bills, it's also one of the best ways to increase the resale value of the home.

When it comes to choosing the right insulation for the home, owners need to find quality materials that can handle the constantly fluctuating temperatures. However, they also need to consider the ventilation of the home as too much insulation can potentially interfere with the airflow. Learn more about how to strike the right balance.

Get an Energy Audit

The first step for a homeowner is to order an energy audit to see where they may be losing warm or cool air from the home. Most homeowners will only get this done if they notice the

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Prevent Injuries from these Common Home Safety HazardsCanadian residents may think that they are safe in their home but still be unaware of the serious safety hazards that may require their attention. Adults, young children and the elderly can all be at risk of injury or worse in those homes wherein homeowners may have neglected to pay attention to common home safety hazards.

Here are some common home safety hazards found throughout Canadian residences today.

Smoke and Fire Hazards

All Canadian residents should ensure that their smoke alarms are working properly as fires often start at night when people are sleeping. An operating smoke alarm can save lives. More than one smoke alarm may be needed and should be located in every room of the home and on every level. Smoke alarms need to be

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Young Adult Homeownership SurveyMuch has been said and written about the Millennial Generation, and for good reason. As this group moves through their 20's and 30's, they are now the largest population segment on the planet. Young adult homeownership has been quite the divisive topic over the past few years. While opinions will vary widely on this group's ability to purchase real estate, we decided to see just how long young adults believe it will take to hit this milestone to better understand their perception of the situation.

It should be noted that this survey captures the lower end of the age range for Millennials and the higher end of the age range for Gen Z. While generations are an easy way to categorize age ranges, opinions from this group's survey will likely differ

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Why Customer Service Can Make or Break or Real Estate Agent's CareerWhat sets one real estate agent apart from the others? Is it their demeanor? Their experience? Their stats? The truth is that any and all of these things have the potential to work to the agent's advantage. But no matter where an agent's strengths lie, the need for customer service from a real estate agent is never going to diminish. It's the element that ties the rest of their brand together.

Making an Impression

Some people make an excellent first impression but have a difficult time keeping up with their initial efforts. Not such a good thing when you consider that real estate deals can last for months (or even years.) A real estate agent makes friends in their industry by being consistent each and every time they have a professional

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Buying a Home? Why Care About Credit ScoresCanadian residents may want to move from renting to owning a home. In some areas, it may be a great time to snap up an available property and start building equity in a home of your own. One key element that will be reviewed by any potential lender is that of a mortgage applicant's credit score. Potential homebuyers who anticipate requiring a mortgage loan in order to afford to purchase a home need to look at their credit scores and learn more about the relationship between credit scores and mortgage loans. Those with high credit scores may be easily preapproved for a mortgage, reducing the possibility of potential obstacles when working with a seller in competitive housing markets, such as Vancouver and Toronto.

A credit score is only one

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Your Guide to Home Lighting for Each Room in the HomeThe lighting in an Okotoks home can often do more than homeowners realize to set the mood of each room. Harsher lighting may make sense in a bathroom when everyone wants to look their best, but it can be off-putting when trying to relax in the morning with a cup of coffee. Before putting the final touches on your lighting decor, take into account how each shadow and glow works in the many rooms of the home.

Living Rooms

Most people spend a lot of time in their living rooms, so it's important to keep in mind how light interacts with different activities. Reading a book will require different lighting than watching a movie, which is why experts advise homeowners to layer their lights and use movement to eliminate odd or distracting shadows.

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5 Roofing Materials You Should Use on Your HomeA home’s roof will naturally wear down over time, and depending on what it’s made out of, it may have a lifetime of 20-30 years or longer before needing to be replaced. Replacing a roof is a big job that homeowners want to do as little as possible, and picking the right material can help a roof last a long time. But what are the different types of roofing materials available? Here are some of the popular options and what makes them good choices.

Composition and Asphalt Shingles

Although they may go by two different names, these are the same shingles, and they’re the most popular roofing option for residential roofing and can be easily identified by the asphalt base covered in granules that give it the look of extremely rough sandpaper.

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Minimize Pet Presence Before Listing a Home for SaleMore than 7.5 million Canadian households have pets, according to 2016 statistics. Most people love animals and understand the loving relationship between humans and their pets. Pet-friendly features can be exactly what a buyer is looking for. What buyers don't love, however, is to see or smell evidence of those beloved pets in every room and in every corner of the yard and selling a home, especially in a competitive market, with pets can be a great challenge

The first and most important rule is to always have the pet away from the property during a showing. Take the dog for a walk; put the cat in a carrier and go to a neighbour's home. Real estate agents and buyers alike can be intimidated by a dog barking in the yard, or by signs that say

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Best Ideas for Outdoor Living SpacesAt one time, it was enough to have a patio in the backyard for lounging and entertaining. Today's homeowners are more sophisticated, which may be why outdoor living areas are gaining in popularity and becoming a popular home improvement for homeowners and sellers. The best outdoor living areas have a variety of components that can increase comfort and give homeowners options as they spend time outside.


Sun is a welcome component of any outdoor living area, but it can also get hot and uncomfortable. No outdoor living area is complete without shelter to give shade. Shade can be provided in many ways, so it's up to the homeowner to decide how it should be done.

  • Canvas covering. This option is utilitarian, easy to install and
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The Facts About the Use of Green Technology in Sustainable BuildingSustainable building has come a long way in a short time, which has made it difficult for the average construction company to keep pace with the new developments. Even as 3D printers spit out entire homes on test sites in mere hours and windows are developed with the help of Wi-Fi, most homes are still using a fairly traditional model of completion. Luckily, many countries are heavily invested in the green movement, and their efforts are starting to pay off. What is sustainable design and what is green technology? See how the newest green technologies break down and how they all add up to fewer emissions and cleaner air.


When a new building in Ontario was constructed under the Zero Carbon standard, one of its main features was

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