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Media Releases

What Makes a Real Estate 'Advisor'?

April 26, 2022

Opinion: Agent or Advisor?

In Real Estate Magazine, Justin writes about the difference between a real estate "agent" and a real estate "advisor" and what qualities homebuyers and sellers value most.

Home Buying Still a Possibility for Calgary Home Buyers in Cooling Market

March 21, 2022

Dream Home Purchase Still a Possibility for Calgary Home Buyers

Buyers who could afford the competitive marketplace have already purchased their homes to beat higher interest rates, giving patient house hunters a better crack at their dream properties.

Justin Havre & Associates Awards

March 1, 2022

Justin Havre & Associates Brings Home 6 Awards at the 2022 RE/MAX R4 Conference

Justin Havre & Associates won 6 awards at the 2022 RE/MAX R4 conference, with the team leading Canada in closed transactions for large teams for the fourth year running.

Homes Selling Over the Asking Price

February 9, 2022

Justin Havre & Associates Raises $295,000 For Local Charities

Justin Havre & Associates, RE/MAX First’s #1 real estate team in Canada for the last four years in closed transactions, has donated $295,000 to Calgary partner charities for 2021.

Justin Havre & Associates

News & Press Mentions

This family left their parents' place in Vancouver for a Calgary townhouse


This family left their parents' place in Vancouver for a Calgary townhouse

After a family was priced out of their home in Vancouver, they turned to Calgary. A real estate advisor with Justin Havre & Associates at RE/MAX First showed them the townhouse they eventually moved into.

Why More Buyers in Calgary are Choosing Townhouses

The Globe and Mail

Why more homebuyers in Calgary are choosing townhouses

Justin speaks with The Globe and Mail about how and why Calgary homebuyers are becoming increasingly interested in townhouses.

Justin Havre Comments on the Canadian Housing Bubble

Canadian Mortgage Professional Magazine

Is Canada's housing market about to crash?

Justin gives his opinion on the current state of the Canadian housing market and evaluates whether or not we're heading for a crash.

Justin Havre Comments on Calgary's new homes activity in February

The Calgary Herald

February Brings Surging Activity in Calgary New Homes

Justin comments on the continued high demand for homes in Calgary's busy real estate market, which had a large annual jump in housing starts in February.

Who Are Calgary's First-Time Homebuyers? Justin Havre Weighs In

The Calgary Herald

Who Are Calgary's First-Time Homebuyers?

Justin weighs in on the newest wave of first-time homebuyers in Calgary, sharing his experiences with Justin Havre & Associates helping new home buyers navigate the Calgary housing market.

Growing Calgary Real Estate Market

Mornings With Sue and Andy

Hot Calgary Real Estate Market: How to Navigate Buying or Selling Your Calgary Home

Justin returns to Mornings With Sue and Andy to offer his analysis of the blazing hot Calgary real estate market and offer expert strategies to buyers and sellers on how to successfully buy or sell their home.

Calgary Winter Real Estate Market

Mornings with Sue and Andy

Hot Winters: Unseasonable Demand for Calgary Real Estate

On Mornings with Sue and Andy, Justin details inventory challenges caused by unprecedented winter demand and low interest rates.

Single-Family Home Demand

MSN Money

Calgary Real Estate on MSN: Strong Single-Family Home Demand

MSN Money relies on Justin’s insider knowledge regarding steady single-family demand and ample apartment opportunities after Calgary’s pandemic housing boom.

Growing Calgary Real Estate Market


Calgary Real Estate Grows Despite Slowing Sales

Even with Calgary real estate cooling from pandemic peaks, Justin Havre explains why the local housing market is still growing.

Calgary's Fall 2021 Housing Market

Mornings with Sue and Andy

Fall 2021 Calgary Housing Market Update

Coming into Fall 2021, Justin talks about balance in Calgary real estate despite surging interest from Ontario transplants.

Alberta Real Estate

New York Times

Havre on House Hunting in Alberta

Justin Havre appears in the New York Times as a local expert discussing the robust rebound Alberta real estate.

Calgary Residential Neighbourhood

Mornings with Sue and Andy

Booming Bedroom Communities: Calgary Buyers Shift Towards Suburbs

Justin Havre weighs in on COVID-induced trends pushing buyers to bedroom communities to get the best bang for their buck.

Thank-You Sign for First Responders

Global News

Justin Havre Donates $40,000 to Support First Responders

Justin Havre is cited in a June 2021 Global News piece after contributing $40,000 towards housing for first responders.

Purchasing Power Insights

Mornings with Sue and Andy

Optimizing Purchasing Power Amid Pandemic’s Third Wave

On Mornings with Sue and Andy, Justin Havre has market forecasts and buyer/seller insight during the third wave of the COVID pandemic.

Homes Selling Over the Asking Price

770 CHQR

Going Above Asking Price? Tips for Buyers & Sellers

Justin discusses best practices for a scorching sellers’ market, in which Calgary homes go $100,000 over the asking price.

Spring Real Estate Advice

Mornings with Sue and Andy

Spring Real Estate Advice: Maximize Your Home Sale

Justin returns to Mornings with Sue and Andy with expert tips on home improvement and spring real estate for the show's Better Homes Series.

Tax Assessments and their Market Value Impact

Mornings with Sue and Andy

City Property Tax Assessments & 2021 Market Values

On Mornings with Sue and Andy, Justin demystifies City Property Tax Assessments and their impact on market value.

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Justin Havre

Justin Havre & Associates of RE/MAX First is led by namesake Justin Havre, an award-winning real estate agent who is well known throughout the real estate industry. Justin has given lectures at international real estate conferences and works closely with his team to ensure every last person is performing to their highest potential.

Justin Havre has a tremendous drive for achievement and the team's agents are always enhancing their skills and education. Justin has an aptitude for applying the latest technology to his work in real estate and passes that tech-savvy nature onto the rest of the team. Technology allows Justin Havre & Associates of RE/MAX First to serve clients more effectively and gives a clear advantage when it comes to locating and marketing homes.