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A well-organized home office requires privacy, comfort and technology.Working from home has become not only possible, but increasingly common, across all fields and in all parts of the world. With the reliability of high-tech communication, and a growing trend toward decentralization in commerce, more and more employees work at home at least part of the work week.

If you work from home, even if only for a few hours each week, a dedicated work space is a decided benefit. An attempt to concentrate on business while family life swirls around you will usually be less than successful.

In order to make working from home a viable option, both aesthetics and efficiency should be considered. Design of the work space is a strategic benefit and a priority. The space need not be large, but it should be comfortable, attractive,

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Best Ideas for Outdoor Living SpacesAt one time, it was enough to have a patio in the backyard for lounging and entertaining. Today's homeowners are more sophisticated, which may be why outdoor living areas are gaining in popularity and becoming a popular home improvement for homeowners and sellers. The best outdoor living areas have a variety of components that can increase comfort and give homeowners options as they spend time outside.


Sun is a welcome component of any outdoor living area, but it can also get hot and uncomfortable. No outdoor living area is complete without shelter to give shade. Shade can be provided in many ways, so it's up to the homeowner to decide how it should be done.

  • Canvas covering. This option is utilitarian, easy to install and effective
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What to know About Dual Master HomesAll jokes aside, a dual-master is about bedrooms and bathrooms. Not about who's in charge at home. Dual-masters are becoming more popular and satisfy a particular niche in Calgary's housing market.

There is a cross-section of the population for which a traditional three-bedroom home doesn't quite work. Dual masters can be a great alternative, with bedroom/bathroom configurations that work well in smaller homes such as townhomes and condominiums.

What is a Dual Master Home?

A dual master home is a home with two master bedrooms, each with their own ensuite and frequently their own walk-in closets. They often take that extra square footage that would have been a third bedroom and instead make a second master bedroom so people can be accommodated

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What Should You Do When You Can't Afford Home Maintenance?Deferred maintenance occurs when a homeowner puts off necessary repairs either due to cost or a lack of spare time, and it's unfortunately relatively common for people to do. While understandable for homeowners to try to delay five-figure repairs, such as replacing the roof or fixing the foundation, the consequences of doing so can be drastic. The good news is that managing maintenance (and mitigating the damage of deferred repairs) is possible once homeowners understand how they can spend their limited resources to limit the degradation of the structure or grounds.

Catching It Early

Even if a homeowner can't afford to fix the problem with DIY projects, noticing it in the infancy stages can give all the residents an edge. The key is for

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Annual Home Maintenance ChecklistAfter the snow and ice start to thaw and the weather gets warmer, it's time to inspect your home for damage. The spring brings a home inspection for most Calgary residents every single year. However, if you're new, you may not know what to include on the inspection list.

Certain areas outside and inside the home must be checked for damage. If you do find any damage, it will be important to get it fixed as soon as possible. Here are a few things to ensure you put on your inspection list.

Inspecting Your Roof

Inspecting your roof should be done every spring. You should be looking for any areas with missing shingles, damage, any sagging and anything else that doesn't look right on your roof. This is important because damage to your roof could

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How to Redesign Your Home For Senior RetirementMost seniors are staying in their homes as long as possible to maintain their independence and remain in the familiar surroundings they are used to. This means that many seniors are remodeling their homes to make them fit their needs instead of moving out. The best time to consider the changes your home will need is before retirement.

Some of the modifications that can be made to a home to make it retirement-friendly include the following:

Living On One Floor

Stairs are great when you're younger and can appreciate the exercise they provide but once you're older they can become a problem. Planning to live on a single floor during your golden years is one of the best decisions you can make. This can involve either moving to a condo or a bungalow

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Home Upgrades That Can Decrease Your Home's ValueNot all home improvements are worth making, if you're thinking about selling your home. And it's important to know whether to make these DIY projects or hire a professional. Knowing what changes to avoid can help you make more money when the time comes to put your house on the market. Here's what you need to know.

1. Changing a Bedroom Into Something Else

A typical family needs at least three bedrooms, and some need more. Converting a bedroom into a space that cannot be used as a bedroom naturally narrows the field of home buyers who can purchase the home.

Homeowners who want to convert one of their spare bedrooms into something else should avoid changes that would prevent the space from being used as a bedroom later on. For example,

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How to Design a Home TheatreA home theatre has quickly become a must-have for practically every family. From the simple family room setup to a much more elaborate theatre-seating wonder, today's home theatres aren't just for the wealthy anymore.

The décor of a home theatre will eventually influence how well the room functions as an entertainment space as well as how it shows when the lights are turned on. Creating a functional and beautiful home theatre is easy to do on any budget. Here are some ideas for creating a home theatre for all to enjoy.

Arranging and Furnishing the Theatre Room

Start by arranging the space. Choose an easy-to-clean surface or a dark colour carpet for the flooring, and select a dark colour for the walls and ceiling.

A home theatre would not be

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Home Addition Planning TipsInstead of buying a new home, some homeowners come to a point and need to update their space to meet changing needs. However, Canadian residents cannot build a home addition without taking into account various factors. Not doing so may result in issues when going to sell a home. What do homeowners need to know before constructing a home addition? Understand how to build an addition that will accommodate various needs and meet legal requirements.

Decide What You Need to Achieve

Determining specific goals will help in designing and budgeting for a home addition. Canadian residents may want to:

  • Improve traffic flow;
  • Boost storage space; or
  • Increase living space.

Homeowners need to map out what a home addition will accomplish,

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How to Shop for New Home AppliancesSo you've purchased a new home. Congratulations! Now you may have to think about the types of appliances that you're going to add to the house assuming that they don't come with the property and you don't have any of your own to carry over. When you're going out to purchase those new appliances there are some things that you should keep in mind besides the price. If you get too caught up in the cost of the shiny new appliances in front of you, it can attract your attention over from other critical factors.

The Size Of The Appliance Matters

Fridges, stoves, washers and dryers are not all made in a one-size-fits-all manner. You should take some measurements of the allotted space for each appliance so that you don't end up with one that just

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