Home Selling: How to Show Your Home

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, December 14th, 2018 at 9:08am.

Open House RulesYou have a beautiful home, and you know it will sell quickly if you can just get people in to see it. There are many steps to selling a house, but here are ways you can make showings easier on your real estate agent and prospective buyers.

Should I Stage My Home?

What is home staging and how important is it? The way that sellers stage a home sends a clear message to buyers. That message could be, "I love my home so much that I don't really want someone else to buy it," or "I am going to let you decide if this home is right for you." Most experts will tell you that the latter is the better choice. You do not have to make a vast number of improvements just so buyers will be interested, but it will be worth it to you financially to put the home in the best, cleanest order you can. If you're wondering how to stage a home for sale, aim to make each room seem as if it came out of someone else's home, with as little personalization as possible. This way, home buyers are not distracted by your design, and can rather imagine themselves living in the space.

When Is the Best Time for Showings?

Buyers often want to look at homes in their off hours, which means that sellers' best time for showings is evenings and weekends, rather than in the middle of the day on weekdays. However, sellers do have some control over the timing. Tell the seller estate agent of the best times for showings, and they will make an attempt to conform to those requirements. Be honest about the times you are available, so that you can have the home ready for any showing that is on the schedule. Keep your home in show-ready condition as much as you can, so that you only have to do spot-cleaning and picking up if you get a short notice of a showing.

Should I Schedule an Open House?

Experts have mixed views about the benefit of an open house. Some people argue that an open house is a great way to start off your home selling ambitions with a bang, not a whimper. Others claim that open houses are just a good way for people to come in and rifle through your belongings. Do open houses sell homes? Ask your real estate agent for real estate advice about the wisdom of an open house in your area and season. An open house might bring a bigger draw of potential buyers, especially if selling in your neighbourhood is slow at the moment.

Should I Stay at Home for My Showings?

One of the many questions that homeowners ask when the time comes to have a showing is whether or not they should be present at the showing. This is up to the homeowners. Being present during a home showing means that the home owner is present to answer questions that buyers may ask.

However, sometimes buyers feel awkward at showings where owners are present. Owners who decide to stay in the house during showings must work hard not to have an overbearing presence around buyers. 

How Do I Address Safety Issues?

Anytime you plan to have virtual strangers coming in to your home (especially if you are not going to be there during the showing), you must address all matters of safety. If selling a home in winter, be sure to attend to the driveway and all walkways to confirm that they are free of ice and any tripping hazards. Inside the home, alert the seller agent to any aspects that could be dangerous to the unaware, such as a low stair or doorway. Take steps to protect the home, as well. Keep all medications in a container that can be removed during showings, and avoid leaving small, valuable items in plain sight.

Selling a home can be an exhilarating prospect, but only if the seller is prepared to show it. By taking advantage of home staging and ideal showing times, a seller can guide more buyers to their home and increase the likelihood of selling the home sooner, at a higher price.

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