Calgary Lake Communities

Here in land-locked Southern Alberta, we go out of our way to enjoy the serenity of a lake. In fact, Calgarians in particular love lakeside living so much we’ve created our own lakes – nine of them in the past 50 years with thriving communities built around them. There are homes for sale in every price point in Calgary’s lake communities, ensuring lakeside living and all it has to offer is within reach of everyone. Here is a snapshot of Calgary lake communities in alphabetical order.

Arbour Lake

Arbour Lake was built in 1991 and is the only lake community in the North West. This community of 10,000 residents is located north of John Laurie Blvd NW at Nosehill Drive NW. The 10-acre lake is looked after by the Arbour Lake Resident’s Association, which all home owners can belong to. Annual membership fees are determined by proximity to the lake. Lake activities include swimming, canoeing and fishing in the summer and skating in the winter.

Auburn Bay

Construction of the lake and the homes in the surrounding neighbourhood located south of Stoney Trail began in 2003. Developed by Brookfield Residential, Auburn Bay is a 43-acre lake with adjacent 13-acre park and has a “cottage country” feel. Eventually there will be 6,000 homes in this self-contained neighbourhood, with good access via Stoney Trail, Deerfoot Trail and eventually, an LRT line.


This large community was built in the mid-1990s and boasts a 32-acre lake with a large hill and man-made waterfalls. It is located south of Marquis de Lorne Trail and east of Macleod Trail. Unlike other lakes in the South East, Chaparral has an underwater course for the enjoyment of recreational divers. The vast majority of homes in Chaparral are single-family detached homes, but there are some duplex homes, townhomes and apartment condos. Lake membership is open to all.

Coral Springs

Coral Springs is the only lake community in the city’s North East quadrant, situated north of McKnight Blvd NE and east of 68 St NE. The homes for sale here were built in the early 1990s and the surrounding neighbourhood offers California-inspired architecture. The 16-acre lake and surrounding parkland is maintained by a resident’s association, with affordable annual membership dictated by proximity to the lake. This lake is stocked with rainbow trout every year for the enjoyment of neighbourhood fishermen.

Lake Bonavista

Lake Bonavista is Calgary’s original lake community, built in the late 1960s south of Anderson Road and east of Macleod Trail. It was followed in the mid-70s with the construction of Lake Bonaventure. This community established a blueprint for all subsequent communities by offering estate-sized homes right on the lake with private dock and more affordable single-family homes for sale on the outside perimeter. The lake is a four-season recreational amenity and membership is open to all home owners.

Lake Sundance

Also located in Calgary’s South East, Sundance is west of Fish Creek Provincial Park and north of Stoney Trail. The 33-acre lake is the centerpiece of the community. Residential development took place in the early 1980s. There are beautiful homes on the lake with also offers year-round recreational opportunities, including tobogganing on the man-made hill.


This community south of Stoney Trail in Calgary’s deep South East is still under development. In total, Mahogany is a 63-acre freshwater lake for the exclusive use of residents. It offers more beach area than any other lake community in the city. The community’s design also incorporates 74 acres of natural wetlands. The homes for sale in this award-winning community offer creative design, beautiful architecture and the community is close to South East Calgary’s major roadways. There are single-family homes, row houses and apartment condos in Mahogany.


Annexed to the City of Calgary in the early 1970s, the South East lake community of Midnapore is a pioneer railway town on the east side of Macleod Trail. It has grown into a beautiful suburb on the southern edge of Fish Creek Provincial Park. The 30-acre lake was dredged out to a depth of 20-30 feet in the mid-1970s and today, is owned by the community association. Members pay a pro-rated fees depending on how close to the lake they live. There are a high number of condo apartments in Midnapore and a business park on the western edge of the community.

McKenzie Lake

This large community of nearly 12,000 residents was built in the mid-1980s, and grew to include a 43-acre lake and 20-acre park in the 1990s. It is located east of Deerfoot Trail with the Bow River escarpment along the western edge of the community. McKenzie Lake offers very expensive homes adjacent to the lake. More than 95% of all homes for sale in McKenzie Lake are single-family detached in all price ranges, with no apartment condos present. Besides the beach club and water sports, the McKenzie Meadows Golf Course is nearby.

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