Questions to Ask Your Agent

Interviewing a roster of future agents is a surefire way to find out if one of them is right for you, and the process could save you a headache or two down the line. Before you sit down to talk Calgary real estate, make sure you've prepared a list of relevant questions. Don't be shy about taking notes and asking lots of questions; we welcome it!

5 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Real Estate Agent

1. How can your experience benefit my real estate transaction?

Whether the agent just completed a course on negotiation skills or sold a home in your neighbourhood, they should be able to bring a unique edge to the table.

2. If you were buying or selling your Calgary home, what would you look for in an agent?

This question is a great way of getting the inside scoop on the industry. What do industry professionals see as an essential asset? How does each agent vary in those priorities?

3. Tell me about a recent work success.

Give the agent a chance to discuss their latest win, and you'll learn what they're passionate about and how they'll turn your home search or sell into their newest achievement.

4. What are your most effective approaches to marketing a home?

Rather than the standard how will you market my home, ask which methods are delivering results. If your agent is particularly successful with new school social media or tried and true networking, you'll have expectations on how they'll tackle selling your home.

5. Give me the run down of the conditions, commission fees, and agreements.

Of course, these basics will play a major role in how you choose your Calgary real estate agent. Ask for the specifics at each interview, and you can see how each partnership measures up.

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