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The Best Pubs for Families in CalgarySometimes you want to head out to a pub for an afternoon beer or cocktail. If you don't have kids, this is very easy, but once you have kids, it's not the easiest thing to do. Luckily, in the Calgary area, some businesses can operate as a pub-style spot without banning kids completely.

You can head out to enjoy a pint, while your child is in the stroller. Just make sure you bring along the right toys for your child and keep your stroller or other carrying contraption out of the way of the service staff. Here are a few great pub choices parents will enjoy in Calgary.

Kensington Pub - 207 10A Street NW

This pub provides one of the best English pubs in the area. You can enjoy plenty of great choices for your pint and it's normal to see kids

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How Will a Septic Tank Affect My Homeownership?A septic system may last for about a quarter of a century. For someone looking to buy a home, this is an important consideration. Septic systems pose a number of unique questions and concerns for home buyers, so it helps to have the facts before making a final decision.

Past, Present, and Future Questions

Canadian homeowners have strict requirements if they hope to keep their septic system up to code. Not only do they have to know the state of the septic system at the time of purchase, but they also have to plan ahead if requirements become even more stringent in the years to come. Ideally, septic systems will need to be inspected several times a year to ensure peak performance.

Homeowners need to know how well the system was maintained,

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The Best Breakfast Restaurants in CalgaryWe've always loved going for brunch on the weekend but the clock has moved up a few hours and now breakfast is the new cool thing to do. And not just weekends. Calgarians are meeting people after the early morning jog or before work and the city restaurant scene is responding with as many new eateries as there are ways to crack an egg. Here are just a few of note:

Red's Diner

Go for the original Red's on Fourth Street in Beltline or visit their new location in Ramsay right on 8 Street S.E. You can even have your eggs any-side-up any time you want because breakfast is served all day. They have lunch offerings as well with burgers and gluten-free options plus boozy coffee and a selection of beer. Red's deal is about farm fresh and local with a

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The Best Places to Bike in CalgaryBiking is a great way to get the exercise you need, stay in shape and enjoy the beautiful outdoor areas of Calgary. It is also a great way for individuals with knee problems or other health issues to stay in shape. There are plenty of great places to go for a bike ride throughout the city. Whether you prefer a park or just a scenic area, you can find a place to ride your bike. Here are some of the top choices for your next biking experience in Calgary.

Fish Creek Provincial Park

Found in the southern section of Calgary, this park is perfect for biking. The large network of trails allows for plenty of riding, while the picnic tables, washrooms and fire pits provide plenty of amenities for families.

The River Valley

Those living in

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The Best Calgary Events for Canada DayIt's Canada Day and there are a lot of activities planned for the day here in Calgary. Join the free activities that include live music performed on Riverfront stage by Michael Bernard Fitzgerald and Mother Mother, BassBus and Food Truck Roundup at Festival Market, a Powwow by First Nations on Prince's Island and then take in the incredible fireworks display by Hudson's Bay. Here are just some of the free events that are being put on this year to mark Canada's birthday:

Prince’s Island Park Powwow

From 9:30 AM until 6 PM you can enjoy this powwow that showcases the original dress and culture of the First Nations of Canada. There will be dancing, music and storytelling to celebrate the contributions that have been made by First Nations people

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The Best Pasta Locations in CalgaryPasta is one of the favourite comfort foods of many and comes in many varieties. Whether you prefer a typical spaghetti or you'd rather enjoy a spiral pasta, you can find the best choices throughout Calgary. Here are a few top pasta options within the city.

Mercato - 2224 4 Street SW and 837 85 Street SW

Mercato provides plenty of gourmet pasta options you can take home. You will find excellent ready to eat goodies here such as stuffed cannelloni and multiple types of ravioli along with tagliatelle in a Bolognese sauce. Pastas here are made from scratch daily using Venetian durum flour and organic eggs.

In following the Mercato's homestyle traditions, all 14 sauces are homemade and are the same served in their restaurant locations. The

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Why Agents Now Use Drones to Sell HomesProfessional photography has advanced to new levels. While not suitable for all listings, drone technology has been used to successfully sell homes. Canadian residents may want to investigate this new technology and work with a reputable agent who can include this type of imagery as part of their overall marketing plan. Explore how drone technology may be the ticket to increase the offer price on available properties.

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Drones are not just for kids. Drones or Unmanned aerial vehicles can provide valuable insight about a property. Agents use drones for aerial images that can then be used to market a property. Special features can be shown with drone technology, making it useful for properties that may be

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Common Real Estate Terminology New Home Buyers Should KnowBuying or selling real estate can be a tricky process. There are hundreds of commonly used terms that could make up its own language. Below are some home buying terms that you will most likely encounter when you purchase your home.

Knowing what these often complex terms literally translate into concerning your role in the transaction can mean the difference between unnecessary legal disputes and a clean, solid transaction.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

The Importance of Understanding Real Estate Terminology

When it comes to buying or selling a piece of commercial or residential property, there are quite a few terms that are

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Best Formal Dining Options in CalgaryMaybe date night is coming up and you're trying to find a great place to take your sweetheart around Calgary. Maybe you've just got amazing news and need a place to celebrate the special occasion.

Perhaps you have a special occasion like a proposal, wedding rehearsal or baby shower and you need a formal place in Calgary to celebrate with loved ones. Here is a look at the places that are designed for your celebratory events that will offer a great atmosphere, delicious food and great service.

Blink – 111 8th Avenue SW

Blink is the perfect place for a formal night out. Just ask for a quiet corner and you can celebrate with loved ones in a romantic atmosphere. Owner Leslie Echino has made Blink a beautiful, formal and appetizing place to dine

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how to Invest in Calgary Real EstateWhen most people think of Calgary real estate investments they envision taking their money and putting it into some type of commercial property. This isn't the only meaning for a property investment though. Any time anyone buys a condo, townhouse, semi-detached dwelling, single-family home or a luxury property they are putting their money into an investment in the future.

That's indeed the beauty of the whole real estate investment game. You don't have to locate any type of commercial properties in order to make money. Since you have purchased your own home you have bought into an investment that is going to pay off for you somewhere down the road later.

No matter what seems to be happening the world over, or even in the rest of Canada, real

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