How Can Drones Help You Sell Your Home?

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, April 8th, 2019 at 10:17am.

Why Agents Now Use Drones to Sell HomesProfessional photography has advanced to new levels. While not suitable for all listings, drone technology has been used to successfully sell homes. Canadian residents may want to investigate this new technology and work with a reputable agent who can include this type of imagery as part of their overall marketing plan. Explore how drone technology may be the ticket to increase the offer price on available properties.

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Drones are not just for kids. Drones or Unmanned aerial vehicles can provide valuable insight about a property. Agents use drones for aerial images that can then be used to market a property. Special features can be shown with drone technology, making it useful for properties that may be located on a waterfront or other geographically ideal area, and for listings with a large acreage. It is a way to see features that cannot be viewed easily when walking around the property. Restrictions may apply. Therefore, it is helpful to work with an experienced agent who is knowledgeable about any local rules or ordinances.

Selling Luxury Homes

Drone photography is not used when selling all types of residential real estate. The high quality images have been used to highlight features on multi-million dollar homes. Depending on the type of residence, drones can provide additional viewpoints to prospective buyers, becoming part of an agent's marketing mix that often includes high-resolution photos, virtual videos and more on a professional website. Canadian real estate agents fine drone technology helpful when marketing property to out-of-town buyers.

Marketing a Variety of Real Estate

Ontario agents have been known to use this technology to create video tours. Drones can be purchased and set up easily with eager agents quickly putting together their first tour. Drone photography has been able to create that ‘wow factor' to attract more attention. This type of technology is not only useful in selling residential real estate, but also can be applied to vacant land and commercial real estate opportunities. There also has been an increase of drone photography in the selling of rural and agricultural property in Canada. Using drones, buyers have felt confident enough to have purchased properties without a visit.

A New Tool for Agents and Sellers

Work with an agent knowledgeable about proven marketing techniques to sell an Evanston property. Agents have successfully used drones to market luxury homes and commercial properties. Speak with a reputable agent to learn more about the types of technologies that can spark the imaginations of buyers.

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