Fair Price Cash Offer

Sell Your Home Fast With The Justin Havre Real Estate Team

Justin Havre Cash Offer


  1. Avoid the unnecessary stress and costs of owning 2 homes at once. 
  2. Choose the best time to move.  Your timeline, your terms, your price.
  3. Buy your next home confidently with competitive offers that win – you won’t need the condition of first selling your current home.
  4. Avoid moving into a short-term rental and moving again when you find a home you want to buy. The Fair Price Cash Offer option allows you to choose the day you like to close.
  5. No Showings or open houses - don't live under a microscope where your home is analyzed by every buyer who walks through..
  6. No listing costs - why spend thousands preparing your home to list, when you can keep that money in your pocket and get a fair price cash offer?


The Cash Offer Process

Cash Offer Process

At The Justin Havre Real Estate Team with eXp Realty we will get your home sold.  As the #1 eXp Realty real estate team in Canada, our team of experts can help guide you through the process of selling your home for a fair price cash offer, bypassing the traditional selling process.  You sell your home on your timeline and on your terms and on a price that suits you!  No open houses, no last-minute showings, no staging, no cleaning, no renovations.  

We've partnered with Sellsio to arrange for an independent appraisal of your home to help understand the current value.  Sellsio will provide a Fair Price Cash Offer on your home and will offer to buy your home. 


Activate the offer at any time.  You get the appraisal and the offer before making any decisions.  The appraisal is free and there's no obligation. 

Want to learn more and see if your home qualifies for a cash offer?  Enter your details below and one of our expert advisors will be in touch!

"I just used the cash offer option to sell my home of 33 years. The first realtor I almost engaged with gave me a big list of things to do before they would list my home. This list left me overwhelmed because my husband passed away and I was going to have to hire people to do things like paint and change light fixtures. I heard about the cash offer option and it sounded too good to be true but I called to find out more and made me feel so much better about my home and didn’t think any changes or upgrades were needed. I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders- all I had to do was pick a date to move and pack."


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By participating in our Cash Offer initiative, you acknowledge and agree that your personal information will be shared with Sellsio. This information is necessary for the purpose of evaluating and processing your cash offer. We assure you that your information will be handled in accordance with our privacy policy and used solely for the intended purpose of the Cash Offer initiative.

*Fair price cash offer from Sellsio.


1. What’s the catch?

No catch! When you’re ready to sell, you want the process to be as easy as possible while receiving fair value for your home. We offer to buy your house right up front!

2. What if I disagree with the appraised value?

Let us know. If you think something was missed, we’ll review it and ensure we have your home’s true value.

3. How soon can I activate this offer?

You can accept/activate our offer whenever you want within 60 days. Our offer allows you to skip the listing and sell without showings on your chosen day!