Investigating the Haunted Buildings of Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, January 29th, 2019 at 6:45am.

Explore the Haunted Buildings in CalgaryMany old buildings have their share of history, but some attract attention for an altogether different reason. Some homes and structures in Calgary, Alberta appear to be haunted and tales of ghostly visitations continue to bring goose bumps to young and old. Those looking for some of the more unusual attractions in Calgary may want to consider a visit to a few of these allegedly haunted places.

Signs of Hauntings in the Home

Colin Bengert, executive director of the Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigations (CAPI), spent eight years investigating the paranormal and knows how it's done. Most calls about a haunting have the same experiences including:

  • Hearing ghostly voices
  • Seeing electronics or lights flicker on and off
  • Hearing footsteps
  • Feeling the temperature suddenly change

The good news for those that make the call is that 95% of the places explored had no sign of paranormal activity.

What It's Like Working For CAPI

Those that become paranormal investigators have a curiosity to solve a mystery. They enjoy scientific testing and don't mind going into places that most would not want to go. The teams are made of three to four people and most of them have a scientific background. They have a desire to figure out what others can't explain.

How Does The Investigation Work?

The investigations will last a couple of hours and usually without homeowners present. They'll do testing during the day as it's safer. They bring equipment like UV light, electromagnetic field detectors, and cameras. They'll test for temperature, sound, and any movement. They'll ask questions in an empty room with an electronic voice phenomenon and when it's played back, you'll hear a response to the question if there's paranormal activity.

What Buildings In Calgary Are Haunted?

Can the stories of murder and mayhem and ghostly apparitions be believed? Calgary, Alberta has many tales to tell as it reveals its history to visitors. Unusual energies may linger, doors shut without warning, and one may get a glimpse of an otherworldly specter when visiting one of the haunted homes, buildings and structures found throughout Calgary.

The Deane House

The Deane House, originally constructed for Fort Calgary's Superintendent, may be seen as the most haunted building in Calgary. The structure has been a boarding house in its past and has seen its share of bloodshed. Multiple stories exist but there have been tales of an indigenous man informing people to leave the property, the sighting of a man with a cigar in the study and eerie laughter heard echoing down the halls. Cold spots may be felt as one tours this haunted location. Deadly accidents, murders, suicides and stabbings have occurred at this home. Perhaps one part of the reason for these strange occurrences is that the Dean House was built upon a sacred burial ground. Stop by at 806 Ninth Avenue Southeast for entrance to this haunted location.

The Calgary Stampede

The Calgary Stampede, at 1410 Olympic Way Southeast in Calgary, continues to draw visitors for its regular performances, but some may find that they get more than they have bargained for. Individuals have reported hollow footsteps, peculiar noises and apparitions. This may be due to the death of a construction worker during the building of the grandstand. Doors have been known to close on their own account and lights to flicker at this unique structure.

The Castle of the Rockies

This “Castle of the Rockies” was once a popular hotel and an ideal place to visit as one could enjoy the mountain scenery and natural hot springs nearby. Built in 1888, the Banff Springs Hotel on Spray Avenue in the Rocky Mountains may have a few skeletons in its closet. Originally constructed out of wood, the structure burnt to the ground in 1926, only to be reconstructed in stone. A room built without windows or doors was kept secret for years and only discovered after the fire. Noises and apparitions have been said to have been experienced in this odd space. Room 873 may be haunted after the murder of an entire family happened in the room, and the cleaning staff failed to remove the fingerprints of a small girl. There are additional stories of a retired bellhop who haunts the location dressed in his full uniform, as well as that of a bride dressed in her wedding gown, who unfortunately died on the day of her wedding at the hotel.

Be Warned Not to Trespass or Endanger Yourself

Take the necessary steps to visit and potentially investigate a haunted location. Trespassing is not permitted. In addition, some locations are considered private property. Not respecting local regulations or abiding by posted signs may lead to arrest.

Sights to See in Calgary

From early morning through to the twilight hours, something may be lurking just behind a closed door. Get spooked at some of the most haunted buildings in the Calgary area. Being a paranormal investigator takes those with courage to seek out answers to what homeowners encounter when they can't explain it.

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