Investigating the Haunted Buildings of Calgary

Posted by Justin Havre on Wednesday, October 15th, 2014 at 2:19pm.

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It’s that time of year when the spooky spirit is in the air. It’s October which means Halloween time. This means that paranormal investigators are experiencing their busy season in which they are being put to work. People are calling to have their home checked out wondering if it’s haunted. Here is how the Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigators explains their job is like this time of year when investigating haunted buildings of Calgary.

Signs of Haunting

Colin Bengert, executive director of the Calgary Association of Paranormal Investigations, spent eight years investigating the paranormal and knows how it’s done. Most calls about a haunting have the same experiences including:

  • Hearing ghostly voices
  • Seeing electronics or lights flicker on and off
  • Hearing footsteps
  • Feeling the temperature suddenly change

The good news for those that make the call is that 95% of the places had no sign of paranormal activity.

What it’s like working for CAPI

Those that become paranormal investigators have a curiosity to solve a mystery. They enjoy scientific testing and don’t mind going into places that most would not want to go. The teams are made of three to four people and most of them have a scientific background. They have a desire to figure out what others can’t explain.

How does the investigation work?

The investigations will last a couple of hours and usually without homeowners present. They’ll do testing during the day as it’s safer. They bring equipment like UV light, electromagnetic field detectors, and cameras. They’ll test for temperature, sound, and any movement. They’ll ask questions in an empty room with an electronic voice phenomenon and when it’s played back, you’ll hear a response to the question if there’s paranormal activity.

What buildings in Calgary are haunted?

The most haunted building in Calgary is the Deane House.  The Prince House in Heritage park is a haunted building in Calgary as well where Bengert claimed to hear a voice sounding like a child whispering. At first it was across the room and the second time he heard the voice it was right next to him.

Being a paranormal investigator takes those with courage to seek out answers to what homeowners encounter when they can’t explain it.

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