How Smoking in the Home Can Reduce Its Resale Value

Posted by Call Centre on Thursday, June 13th, 2019 at 12:13pm.

The Importance of Removing Smoke From Your Home Before SellingA new survey was conducted by Pfizer Canada that asked real estate brokers and agents in the province of Ontario about the price changes that could occur due to an owner smoking in their home. The survey showed that smoking could reduce a property's value by up to 29%. It's important to note, however, that Pfizer Canada is a pharmaceutical company that promotes a medication to help smokers quit the habit!

How Smoke Smell Affects Home Resale Value

During the course of the study it was found that 401 brokers and agents agreed that smoking does make selling a home more difficult when compared to one that is smoke-free. More than half of the professionals surveyed, 56% of them, said that the buyers they work with are less likely to buy a home where smoking is occurring while 27% said that most of their buyers are completely unwilling to buy this type of home. The study also showed that 44% of the respondents agreed that smoking does negatively affect the resale value of a home.

Of those surveyed that agreed that the home value would lower, 1/3 believed that the price would fall by approximately 10% -19% while another 1/3 said that the value could be lowered by as much as 20%-29%. Right now it is estimated that there is at least one person smoking regularly in 15% of the homes across Canada.

Cleaning Smoke Scent Out of the Home

Avoiding smoking indoors in the first place is the best defense against smoke smell in a home. However, if a home has had smokers, it's not too late to get rid of the smell. Eliminating the odor of smoke can significantly increase selling price and decrease the time it takes a house to smell.

First, the walls of the home should be washed with a mixture of ammonia and water. This will remove smoke residue from surfaces. If the walls are stained, it may be necessary to repaint.

Have the carpets professionally steam cleaned. This can help remove deep set smoke odor.

Finally, remaining smoke odor can be neutralized using an air filter with a carbon filter. This can absorb any remaining scent in the air.

Clean Your Home Before Selling For Maximum Value

Smoking inside the home can cause an odor that is very difficult, if not next to impossible, to get rid of and it stains the ceilings, carpets and walls. Some people will even ask whether a home is smoke-free before agreeing to view it. If you are thinking about selling your home in the future and you have a smoker in it, you may want to discuss the advantages of smoking outdoors especially with the warm weather approaching in order to entice more buyers to your home.

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