Warm Up Your Calgary Nest This Winter & Save Heating Costs

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, March 7th, 2017 at 6:31pm.

Calgary Nest ThermostatLooking to warm up your Calgary nest this winter? More Alberta homeowners are turning to programmable thermostats.

While you wait for the Chinook to blow, winter in Calgary can be frigid. With wintertime high temperatures hovering just below the freezing point for most of the season, Calgary, Alberta homeowners are always looking for ways to save on their energy costs. Using less fuel to heat your Calgary nest will help your bottom line, and it's also a great way to live a more sustainable lifestyle that lowers your carbon footprint and use of natural resources. 

In addition to important basics like insulation and double-paned windows, smart home technology can also help you reduce winter heating costs. The Nest Learning Thermostat is the current king of programmable thermostats – and you don't even have to actively program it to get great results. Here's how the Nest can help you fight rising energy costs this winter.

The Nest Learns Your Schedule 

The biggest feature of the Nest thermostat is that it's a "smart" appliance with the ability to learn your preferences and schedule. This means that after a week or so of going about your daily routine and adjusting the thermostat manually – for example, turning up the heat when you wake up in the morning – the Nest thermostat will figure out how toasty you like your Calgary house. Even better, it also learns when you're at home and when you're away, so it can dial back the heat while you're gone. This saves you big bucks in the long run, as the Nest will keep you from wasting energy heating your home while you're at work.

Are the savings significantly different from a standard programmable thermostat? If you stick to the settings you chose, probably not. The big difference for homeowners in Calgary is that the Nest makes your savings automatic and much more convenient since you don't have to go to the trouble of pushing a series of buttons to program your thermostat for each day of the week. The Nest also excels at picking up on changes to your schedule: If you are away for the weekend, the Nest will figure that out and turn down your heat accordingly.

Connect the Nest to Your Phone

Like many Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the Nest thermostat works with an app on your smartphone for added convenience. This means that you can turn off the heat from the airport when you're heading away for a business trip, or you can turn up the heat when you turn on to your street so your house is warm by the time you arrive. The Nest also uses your phone's position as part of its algorithm to figure out when you're going to be gone for a while, so it's more than just a convenience feature.

The Nest is More Than Just a Thermostat

Summer eventually comes to Calgary, and the Nest also works with your central air conditioning and home humidifier for complete climate control. It can be set to run only the fan to optimize heating and cooling, and it can track the levels of humidity in your home all year long for total comfort – and utility savings. It also allows for add-ons like the Nest Protect carbon monoxide detector/smoke alarm, which can be set to automatically shut down your furnace to prevent damage if a problem is detected. 

The bottom line? In Calgary, the Nest is a smart thermostat and a great investment for your Calgary home. 

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