It's Time to Get Your Home Prepared for Winter

Posted by Justin Havre. on Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 8:01am.

With the days getting colder it's time to get your home winterized for the frosty months ahead. Most of the steps you'll need to take can be done on your own and by doing them you'll be able to save some money on your utility bills this winter.

Put your ceiling fans into reverse

Most ceiling fans have a switch that allows you to put the machine into reverse. This will make the blades run in a clockwise direction and will create an updraft, which will then push the heated air down from the ceiling. Hot air naturally rises so you'll be taking the hot air and circulating it through the room.

Give your heating system a tune-up

Get your heat pump or furnace inspected by a technician to make sure that it's in good repair and clean. The tech will also be able to measure any leakage of carbon monoxide. It's important to book an appointment now before the cold weather really hits. These technicians can get booked up pretty quickly.

Apply caulking around your doors and windows

Take a look at the gaps between your door and window frames. You may have to apply exterior caulk if the gaps are larger than the width of a penny. Use silicone caulk since it can withstand the heavy Calgary weather elements and won't shrink.

Clean your eavestroughs

Prevent ice dams from forming by cleaning out your eavestroughs early this year. We've already seen snow falling in September so we should be prepared for an early winter. If you are cleaning out your eavestroughs yourself, you should also take a look at your roof at the same time. If you see any shingles that look loose, you can hire a handyman or a roofer to fix them up before the snow falls.

Put your rake away and pull out your lawnmower

Instead of breaking up your leaves try mowing them instead. According to recent studies, when you mow your leaves it will cut them into small pieces, which will decompose and then provide your lawn with nourishment during the winter. There are mulching blades available that can be added to lawn mowers.

Call in a chimney sweep

Before preparing your first fire for the winter, get your chimney checked out. This also applies to other heating appliances that use coal, wood, oil or gas. Cleaning your unit will help to prevent a chimney fire and will also ensure that carbon monoxide will be able to flow freely upward through the chimney.

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