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Know More About These Home Buying ProcessesSome may be looking to buy their first home and not know about the common requirements and initial challenges they may face. Canadian residents may need prepare themselves beforehand, learning how to best position themselves to have a seller accept their offer and move toward closing on a home. What do new potential homeowners need to know?

Understand more about common home buying processes and challenges faced by Canadian buyers today.

Your Credit Score and the Canadian Home Mortgage Process

Most buyers are not paying for a home in cash and will have to seek a home mortgage loan from a lender. It is important to know your credit score as this is a major factor in getting approved for a loan and getting better rates. One's credit score and

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Hidden Red Flags in the Structure of a HomeMost home buyers who decide to purchase a home will get a property inspection to ensure that the house meets their needs. However, home inspections can be costly (around $450), so recognizing the signs of trouble without the help of an inspection can help a home buyer determine whether or not it's worth proceeding with an offer.

Signs of Foundation Trouble

Foundation troubles are rare, but when they do occur, repairs can cost thousands. If you're wondering how to tell if a house has foundation problems, use the following list. Some of the most clear signs of foundation problems include:

  • Doors or windows that are jammed open or closed.
  • Stair stepping cracks in the foundation.
  • Large, wide cracks in the walls of the house,
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Young Adult Homeownership SurveyMuch has been said and written about the Millennial Generation, and for good reason. As this group moves through their 20's and 30's, they are now the largest population segment on the planet. Young adult homeownership has been quite the divisive topic over the past few years. While opinions will vary widely on this group's ability to purchase real estate, we decided to see just how long young adults believe it will take to hit this milestone to better understand their perception of the situation.

It should be noted that this survey captures the lower end of the age range for Millennials and the higher end of the age range for Gen Z. While generations are an easy way to categorize age ranges, opinions from this group's survey will likely differ

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