Pros and Cons of Popular Flooring Types

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, October 26th, 2018 at 11:13am.

Common Home Flooring Options for CalgariansHomeowners trying to select the right type of flooring for their home have an important decision to make. Knowing the differences between all the different types of flooring, as well as the pros and cons of each, can help make this decision easier. Taking into account a variety of factors including durability, maintenance, appearance, environmental impact and personal preference can help ensure that the homeowner will choose a type of flooring that is right for their home.

The Value of Tile Flooring

Tile can be made from a variety of materials including stone, fired clay and glass. Tile comes in a variety of colours and can even be made to look similar to other types of flooring, like hardwood. Tile is most often installed in rooms like the bathroom and kitchen.

The biggest value of tile flooring is that it’s moisture resistant, easy to sweep and mop, and durable. Tile can last for a number of years and stands up to day-to day-wear and tear with minimum amounts of maintenance.

However, there are a few drawbacks to tile that need to be considered as well. Tile is cold and hard, so it can be uncomfortable to walk on and sit on. It’s also loud, and people walking on tile are likely to make footfalls on the floor. And while the tile is easy to clean and maintain, the grout that holds tile in place is easily stained.

When It’s Time To Sell...

Replace any cracked or chipped tiles that you can and either replace or clean the grout as needed. If the whole floor needs to be torn up and replaced you don't need to install more ceramic tiles. They are expensive and if you're planning on selling you won't see your money back by choosing the more expensive ceramic flooring. There are plenty of cheaper alternative options available that you can use to give your floor a fantastic look that don’t come with a heavy price tag.

The Value of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring has become a very popular flooring material in recent years. This flooring material can come in a range of colours but is not as versatile in appearance as carpeting or tile. This type of flooring can even include underfloor heating which comes in handy especially during winter months. 

Hardwood floors are beautiful and elegant in every way. There is absolutely nothing that can replace the sheer natural look that you can get from a hardwood floor. While pressed wood in the form of a laminate floor can look really nice, for many people it could never replace the look of hard wood.

With a lot of maintenance hardwood flooring will last for years. The problem is that it does require constant care to maintain its luster, especially if you have a house full of children or animals around. Varnish protects the hardwood but this can wear down very quickly in heavy traffic areas. You'll need to keep a close eye on the sealant on the floor and replace it when necessary. If you don't, spilt liquids will quickly stain and rot the wood and the floor will be susceptible to scratching.

Hardwood floors in general will add to the value. If you're planning on putting your property on the Calgary real estate market within the next five years you may want to take this into account as well. With a lot of traffic flowing through the house with dogs, cats and children running through it, however, you may not want to make a big investment in hardwood right away and might want to consider waiting a few years until your family grows.

When It's Time To Sell...

If you have hardwood floors that have become stained or dull you can find a local handyman that can spruce them up and make them come alive again. All it usually takes is a light sanding along with a couple of coats of varathane to make your floors shine like new.

The Value of Carpeted Flooring

Should You Install Carpet in Your Home?Carpet is a classic flooring material that many homeowners install in the living areas of their home, like the living room, family room and bedrooms. Carpet comes in different weaves, pile types and a rainbow of colours. Homeowners who want to install carpet in their home may choose from a wide range of types.

Homeowners tend to like carpeting because it’s comfortable, quiet, and safe for families. Because carpeting is soft and padded, it is comfortable to sit on and walk on. It’s also non-slip, so it is considered safe for babies who are learning to walk and seniors who have poor balance. Footfalls also make less noise on carpet, which can be advantageous, especially on upper floors of a house.

However, carpet must be shampooed on a regular basis in order to maintain its beauty. Despite its necessity, shampooing the carpet can contribute to wear and tear of the fibers. Because carpet is fibrous, it can also absorb odors and is particularly susceptible to damage by pet urine.

When It's Time To Sell...

f your carpet is still in good shape but needs a cleaning, take a look at the specials being offered by the professional carpet cleaning companies around Calgary. Usually there are super deals available in January since a lot of people are cleaning up after a busy holiday season.

The Value of Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is versatile in appearance. It can be made to look like wood, stone or a patterned tile.

There are a number of valuable qualities that laminate flooring is able to bring to the table. Laminate is able to resist moisture, scratches and wear and tear a lot better than its hardwood counterpart. In general, it's a more durable type of flooring and may be your best bet if you're raising a young family and expect your floor to take a beating while your young children are growing. As laminate cannot be dented or scratched, it’s durable and can last a long time. It can also be made to look like any material, so even if more expensive flooring options are out of the question, laminate offers a more affordable substitute.

Though laminate is a quality affordable flooring option, there are a few issues with it as well. Laminate is often difficult to repair once damaged, so if it sustains major disrepair, it may need to be replaced altogether. There’s also a visible quality difference between laminate and other flooring types, even when their visual appearance is simulated. And similarly to tile, laminate can be cold, hard, and loud, making it an uncomfortable flooring option at times.

When It's Time To Sell...

Remove any stains you see by hand: the removal method should depend on what has marked the floor. Sweep and mop as well, but don’t wet mop too heavily, or else the water might seep between the floor and the baseboards.

The Value of Bamboo Flooring

Installing Bamboo FlooringHave you had the chance to see bamboo flooring and take a good look at it? It's an environmentally friendly type of flooring that is becoming more popular as each day passes. If you haven't yet had the chance to see it either in person or in pictures, it's probably not what you're imagining. The flooring is not at all like the course bamboo that you see being used to manufacture furniture or wall hangings. This kind of flooring is made from ground bamboo and it's available in a variety of different finishes and designs.

Bamboo is a type of grass and grows quickly. When you use this type of material for your flooring, you are saving trees in the process. Choosing a bamboo floor is an environmentally responsible choice that many green homeowners are choosing. It’s also visually stunning: Bamboo floors can look a lot like their hardwood counterparts and you may have a difficult time telling them apart. They are available in long strips or as a parquet style and they can shine brilliantly in the light.

Additionally, bamboo flooring is easy to maintain and flooring only requires regular sweeping or vacuuming and the occasional damp mopping with a gentle floor cleanser. Like hardwood floors, they may also require occasional refinishing to keep up their luster and to smooth out any dents and scratches. There are types of bamboo, however, that are harder and stronger than others and some can be as durable as red oak.

The biggest drawback to be found in bamboo flooring is the amount of VOCs they can emit. The floor planks are made by shredding the bamboo and then putting it back together again using pressure, heat and an adhesive that is resin-based. It's the ingredients in the adhesive and the amount used that will determine how much VOCs will be emitted.

Another drawback to Bamboo floors is they are very sensitive to humidity levels. In high humidity areas the floor planks can begin to plump up, while environments that are too dry can cause the planks to shrink. You'll want to have average moisture level in the home in order to use this type of flooring without worry.

When It's Time To Sell...

Repair any scratches in the top layer of the bamboo with a surface filler, then buff it out to blend with the existing finish. If any scratches are too deep to repair with surface filler, sellers will need to wet sand the area to the root of the scratch and then reapply a new coat of polyurethane. Stains can be repaired with a similar method: Use a disc floor sander to sand down the damaged area, then re-seal the area with a new coat of polyurethane using a mop and bucket.

Deciding What To Install

When trying to decide what to install, it's important to consider your personal preferences, the location where the flooring will be installed and whether or not moisture is present in the room. Homeowners who are installing new floors to make their home more appealing to buyers should also consider the value of each flooring type and what types of flooring is most desirable to buyers—and don't forget to survey the competition: what might suit a Cougar Ridge home might be different than what might suit a home across the city.

To find out more about which flooring types are most desirable to homebuyers, talk to your real estate professional. A smart real estate professional can help you decide what type of flooring will improve your home's property value and get the results you want.

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