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Is a Fixed Rate Mortgage or Variable Rate Mortgage Better?If you're like most Albertans you prefer the fixed-rate mortgage. This is according to a recent survey conducted by CIBC showing that most residents in the province would select a mortgage with a fixed-rate over a variable rate.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Variable-Rate and Fixed-Rate Mortgages?

An adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) has fluctuating payments based on the specific terms of the mortgage and a benchmark interest rate that is chosen by the lender. This can be beneficial for home buyers, especially for those who are expecting changes in the next few years and are not looking for long-term

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What to Know About Avoiding Mortgage DefaultThe market conditions have changed quite dramatically over the past twelve months. As a result, some homeowners may stumble upon financial hardships that make it difficult for them to pay their mortgage payments. Once your mortgage loan defaults, the chance of foreclosure increases.

If you or your spouse has lost employment and no longer make as much money, and you see meeting your mortgage payment obligations is going to be problematic, the first step is to take a deep breath. There are literally millions of people that face the same problem. You are not a bad person, so leave any feelings of guilt at the door. You do not have time for them. Instead, you need to focus on your options.

Try not to panic and instead act quickly to find

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Home Upgrades That Can Decrease Your Home's ValueNot all home improvements are worth making, if you're thinking about selling your home. And it's important to know whether to make these DIY projects or hire a professional. Knowing what changes to avoid can help you make more money when the time comes to put your house on the market. Here's what you need to know.

1. Changing a Bedroom Into Something Else

A typical family needs at least three bedrooms, and some need more. Converting a bedroom into a space that cannot be used as a bedroom naturally narrows the field of home buyers who can purchase the home.

Homeowners who want to convert one of their spare bedrooms into something else should avoid changes that would prevent the space from being used as a bedroom later on. For example,

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How to Target Your Real Estate MarketThe fastest way to find buyers when selling your home is by figuring out who would want it. There are target markets for anything that is being sold in today's society and the same is true for real estate. When you find your target market and connect with them you will have more interested buyers because they want what you have to offer.

You aren't going to try to sell a one bedroom condo to a family with four children. Likewise, you probably won't end up selling a large estate house to a retired senior. You can narrow down what your target market is by looking at the location of your property, its size and the demographic factors of the community.

What Different Demographics Can You Target?

There are some areas in Calgary that attract

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The Best Amenities in Real EstateWhen it comes to your next home purchase, location is going to play a vital role in your decision. You know that you have certain amenities that you want to be close to and will be asking your real estate agent to find you the perfect home in the right part of town. When it comes to real estate, location is relative but there are 4 different wanted amenities that are common to most potential buyers.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Restaurants Shops And Services

People are willing to pay extra in order to live close to services, restaurants and shops that are only a walk away. Buyers are looking for a home where they can purchase a

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Calgary Zoo Inspired Dino Dining RestaurantsIf you love dinosaurs, you will enjoy some of the coolest dino-dining experiences found throughout Calgary. There are plenty to choose from and it all starts with a trip to the Calgary Zoo.

At the zoo, you can enjoy the Prehistoric Park, which has recently re-opened and it's better than it has ever been before. You will be able to take in the Dinosaurs Alive exhibit, along with enjoying 26 life-sized models. Some of the models even move and vocalize. You can turn it into a day by enjoying one of the dinosaur-related dining choices nearby, as well.

Tazza Deli and Grill - 1105 1 Avenue NE

Dine with the style of a herbivorous Omeisauris with the Tazza Deli and Grill dishes. You will find all types of leafy greens here with grape leaves, pita

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How to Avoid Real Estate ScamsIt's important to take certain precautions when you're house hunting or looking for a place to rent. In today's tight real estate market in Calgary, it can be easier to fall prey to a scam due to desperation. In order to help you avoid these scams, we have put together some common sense guidelines to follow.

Avoid Sending Money

You'll want to be sure that there's a legitimate person at the other end of the transaction. If you're ever asked to send money through the mail or via wire transfer, turn the other way and run. A legitimate transaction will take place either between the buyer/ renter and the seller/ landlord in person or through an accredited property management company or real estate agent. The best way to make sure your transaction

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What to Know About Conducting a Land SurveyLand surveys are prepared for residential homes and show you exactly where your home is sitting and any renovations and improvements that have been made to the exterior of the property. Some things that may show up on a survey report may include additional decks, pools, driveways and buildings that have been added. This is a legally binding document that can be called upon by the local municipality, mortgage company or the bank and its helpful when any real estate transfer is taking place.

There is no expiration date on a survey but it is a good idea to get one if you are involved in a real estate transaction. In some cases it will be required by the lending institution as part of the financial conditions for the home loan.

Are You Required

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Exploring the Shopping Options in Chinatown CalgaryEverybody loves the Chinatown neighbourhood. They have great produce and delicious take-out, but most people don't know about their excellent shops. They have shops carrying lifestyle items at a great deal. Whether you're looking for home décor, musical instruments or baking, Chinatown has it. Here are the best shops in the neighbourhood.

Quickly Premium Bubble Tea

10 110 2nd Avenue S.E.

One of the top favourite things to do in Chinatown is grab a bubble tea from the Quickly Premium Bubble Tea shop. A new location just opened at the edge of the Centre Street Bridge. Try the Mango Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls at the new shop. You'll love the modern-retro décor inside.

St. Laurent Cake House

303 Centre Street S.W.

For baked goods, try

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How to Design a Home TheatreA home theatre has quickly become a must-have for practically every family. From the simple family room setup to a much more elaborate theatre-seating wonder, today's home theatres aren't just for the wealthy anymore.

The décor of a home theatre will eventually influence how well the room functions as an entertainment space as well as how it shows when the lights are turned on. Creating a functional and beautiful home theatre is easy to do on any budget. Here are some ideas for creating a home theatre for all to enjoy.

Arranging and Furnishing the Theatre Room

Start by arranging the space. Choose an easy-to-clean surface or a dark colour carpet for the flooring, and select a dark colour for the walls and ceiling.

A home theatre would not be

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