Top Reasons Why Homeowners May Need To Sell a Home Quickly

Posted by Justin Havre. on Friday, January 30th, 2015 at 7:56pm.

When you’re looking through the listings you may see a few mentioning that the owner is highly motivated to sell. There are quite a few reasons why a home may need to be sold quickly and here are the top ones.

Difficulty selling the property

This situation may occur for many reasons. Quite often there is something dramatically wrong with the house making it undesirable or the asking price of the home may be too high.


The homeowner may be behind on his payments and have to sell fast.

Financial crisis

A homeowner may have lost his job or may have more expenses to pay. The faster this seller can find a buyer, the faster he can resolve his personal financial crisis.

Home inheritance

A deceased relative may leave his home as an inheritance.  If the home is left to more than one child then the home is usually sold and the money from the sale is divided between the siblings.

A job transfer

A move to a different town for employment reasons can lead a home owner into desperation. The person selling probably already has accommodations set up in the new town and won’t want to pay to maintain 2 properties at the same time.

Filing for a divorce

A divorce case may require both spouses to equally split the assets. This could include selling the property and usually it needs to be done quickly.

An unoccupied home

An idle home provides no value to the owner and can become a liability. Home insurance costs go up and the house is more likely to be vandalized if it is left sitting empty for too long.

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