How To Leave Parents House Fast - Tips To Move Out Quickly

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, February 7th, 2020 at 11:58am.

Moving house as fast as possible is always a challenge for people struggling with short-notice deadlines and tight relocation plans. To leave a property on the clock is possible has nothing to do with an itinerary move and you better be prone to multiple compromises during the process.

That’s why the Justin Havre team gathered top-of-the-line moving and packing tips that will help you save time and effort when you have to get out of your old property and relocate.

Check them out and start over with greater success than you have imagined.

How To Move Out Of The House Quickly - General Tips

Living with your parents is absolutely frustrating. Here’s how to get out of your parents’ house as quickly as possible.

Communicate with your parents

  1. Inform your parents that you’re planning to move but do not provide additional details if not requested. 

  2. Be tolerant of their emotions but don’t communicate the whole idea dramatically. Parents tend to be overly attached and hardly accept the fact that their child will no longer be around. If emotions are overwhelming, consider a memory book as a gift.

Build a good credit history

Planning to purchase a home? 

If yes, then you will need a good credit history. Lacking it will hinder the whole house move process if you end up with rejection for a mortgage.


Start with a small loan you can pay pretty quickly. Once you have a good record of bank payments, the chances to get a mortgage loan get higher and you get closer to fulfilling the dream of buying a new house and selling an old property to buy a new one. 

What to Know About Buying and Moving to a New Home With Kids

Try the tools we built:

Save for a down payment

A down payment is an amount of money in your bank account that secures partially the payment for a new home. Making savings is the best way to secure a down payment and a few months of living on a budget would be enough. 

The minimum down payment varies from 3% up to 20%+. However, 20% is considered ideal. 

Learn How to Buy a Home Using Different Down Payment Options

Work with professionals

If time is of the essence, complete the house move quickly with the help of professional movers. According to London-based relocation van professional Ryan Banks, to relocate solely with your own efforts will take you a serious chunk of time and effort. There are plenty of moving companies who will give a reasonable quote and will do the job upon your request without extra stress and hassle.

Donate, recycle or sell 

To donate, recycle and sell items you don’t need takes time but in the long run, it actually saves some. 

When you have fewer things to carry with you when moving, expenses and time needed decrease. We highly advise you to toss out what you leave behind.

Pack efficiently

Pack in moving boxes only the things you will need soon after moving out. Heavy items or seasonal gear may be transported to the new address later so you can save time on the day of the move.

Make a list with anything you left behind to make sure you will not forget it in the old property for too long and find a way to deliver it to the new one.

Check out some general house moving tips.

How To Move Out Quickly With No Money

Don’t pay for moving boxes

There are plenty of ways to find cardboard boxes instead of paying a company to deliver packing goods at your doorstep. Check at grocery stores, warehouses, restaurants, etc.

Search in your house

Backpacks serve very well as a container for moderately small objects but according to Backpack Lab, you could equip yourself with high-volume gear. You can also use garbage bags with a capacity of at least 40l (8.8 imperial gallons).

Wrapping items in blankets is a viable option if you don’t have what else to use. Large clothes may do the job, too.

Wrap breakables in clothing

Use clothing such as socks and sweaters to crap breakable items with them. It will greatly reduce the chance of breaking anything during transportation, plus, you will save time on searching for alternative packaging.

Move with your own vehicle

Use your own car to transport all goods. If it’s too small and would not serve well, call a friend with an SUV or a station wagon type of car and ask to land it for a while.

Cut down your costs on living 

  • Give your best and spend less on literally anything - food, clothes, fuel, entertainment, etc. 

  • Cancel subscriptions that are not vital for your life. 

  • If you have landed someone money now is the time to collect.

  • Switch off appliances you can live without to reduce the costs of electricity a few months prior to the house move.

Make a garage sale

Earn quick cash by selling stuff you no longer need to neighbors. People like a good deal and will certainly show interest in a garage sale.

Research the cost of living in your new area

When moving to a whole new area with a different lifestyle and economic specifications, expect a difference in the cost of living. Often the difference is so dramatic that at some point it becomes hardly possible to handle your own living expenses. 

To avoid such unfortunate events, research the cost of living in the area you’re moving to. Connect with people in the area and ask detailed questions on the cost of living.

The Fastest Way To Pack A House

The tips below will give you a greater insight into how to save time. 

Make speed your priority

Use all the energy and packing skills you have and whatever the packing challenge is, go for speed! Unless you have to move plants, set timely goals such as completing packing tasks for a fixed period is an approach that will help you hurry.

Sort while you unpack

If it fits, it sits. 

Put items wherever they fit best in containers assigned by type. To invest time in sorting prior the move will help you during the unpacking process but if time is of the essence during the relocation, don’t waste it. You’ll have enough time at the new address to sort your possessions out.

Do not sort clothes

Don’t waste any time sorting your clothes by type, season, color or anything else. 

Grab all clothing from the racks and put them in bags as quickly as possible. Garbage bags are perfect for quick packing of clothes, they are also clean so you won’t worry about having a piece of clothing covered in dirt.

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