Moving Itinerary and Checklist

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moving itinerary8 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Contact van lines or rental truck companies to get estimates.
  • If you have unwanted or unneeded items, plan a garage sale and set a date.
  • Arrange to transfer school records if you have children.
  • Start a "move file" for all receipts, papers, and estimates related to your move.

6 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Select a van line or rental truck company and arrange pick-up and delivery dates.
  • If you are moving to a new city, ask your attorney, doctor, and other providers for referrals and necessary records.
  • If you have pets, schedule a check-up and get a copy of veterinary records.
  • Set schedules with real estate agents and/or landlords.

4 Weeks Before Moving:

  • Schedule disconnect dates with your local utility company(ies).
  • Notify the appropriate utility company(ies) of connect dates for your new home.
  • Cancel newspaper subscription and trash pickup effective on your move date.
  • Check with your local post office for change of address information and forms.

1 Week Before Moving:

  • Clean out refrigerator and defrost freezer.
  • Have your car serviced if you will be moving/driving a long distance.
  • Confirm connect dates for utilities in your new home.
  • Transfer or close your checking account. Be sure to get all items from your safe deposit box.

Moving Day:

  • Spend the entire day at home with the movers.
  • Carry any valuables or family heirlooms with you.
  • Just before the movers leave, take a final tour of your home. Make sure nothing has been left in drawers or closets.
  • As you leave, be sure all windows and doors are locked.

Who to Notify Checklist

View & download our Moving Checklist .PDF here!

Services and Utilities

    • Water
    • Gas
    • Electricity
    • Telephone
    • Post Office
    • Cable / Internet
    • Rental Companies
    • TV Licensing
    • Mobile Phone Provider


  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Optometrist & Optician
  • Physiotherapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Massage Therapist
  • Health Insurance


    • Banks
    • Building Societies
    • Credit Card Companies
    • National Savings & Bonds
    • Employer
    • Insurance Companies
    • Pension Companies
    • Social Security


  • Friends & Family
  • Subscriptions – Newspaper, Magazines, etc.
  • Club membership(s)
  • Library
  • Schools / Colleges


  • AMA
  • Vehicle Registration Agency
  • Vehicle Insurance

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