Which Real Estate Upgrades Will Appeal to Gen Z Homebuyers?

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, November 16th, 2020 at 8:22am.

Best Home Improvements for Gen Z HomebuyersIt would be nice to have a crystal ball that reveals what the next generation of homebuyers might favour. Fortunately, we don't need a magical vision to predict what future shoppers prefer.

While millennials account for the most significant percentage of homebuyers, some post-millennials are already buying their first homes. As a result, we can make strategic decisions about upgrades that appeal to the next cohort of shoppers.

Generation Zers—aka zoomers—were born between 1997 and 2012. Their interests are very similar to millennials. However, this generation has unique characteristics that can help us make intelligent remodelling decisions.

If we consider what zoomers want, we can plan for the things future buyers care about the most. So let's look at what motivates younger homebuyers and explore future-proof upgrades the next generations will love.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

What Influences Gen Z Buying Decisions?

There are a variety of factors that influence zoomer buying decisions. Internet connectivity, higher education, buying their first home, and protecting the environment are paramount.

Gen Zers grew up in a world of wi-fi and are internet natives. According to the Center for Generational Kinetics, many members of Gen Z become uncomfortable when they go over 4 hours without Internet access. In addition, they have online friends across the world, so connectivity is essential.

Zoomers are on track to become the most educated generation. They're focused on completing their education. As a result, fewer are working traditional full-time jobs while earning their degrees.

With rising tuition costs, Gen Zers are graduating with more debt from college than previous generations. In addition, housing prices have risen faster than incomes in many areas. As a result, many zoomers face circumstances that make saving extra money rather tricky.

With buying a first home, every ‌dime goes into the down payment. So, they generally won't have much left over to take care of the improvements they want and need. As such, zoomers will tend to prioritize fundamental upgrades ahead of nice-to-haves and easy projects they can do themselves.

Finally, while zoomers are typically focused less on working full-time and more on education, they're also concerned with saving power and reducing waste. Of course, this makes sense for a generation that has grown up with devices powered by rechargeable batteries. Energy efficiency and eco-friendliness are at the top of their lists of desirable features.

Which Upgrades Are Fundamental to Zoomers?

Big-ticket items are a primary focus for zoomers when looking at home features. If these aren't in good condition, Gen Z buyers sometimes won't be able to afford the repairs and upgrades right away once they move into their first home. Repairs like this benefit from the experience of a professional instead of a YouTube tutorial.


Maybe growing up with food pictures trending on Instagram was a good thing. According to The Recipe Guru, 78% of zoomers cook. Gen Zers need suitable countertops, working sinks, and decent kitchen appliances. Homes may get brownie points for kitchens that look good in food pics.


The roof should be in good condition without leaks at a bare minimum. Gen Zers will be sensitive to the age and state of the roof. Affording a roof repair may be difficult with their limited budgets.


Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems should be in optimal condition. More people are working remotely, and they expect the trend to continue. As a result, climate control and indoor air quality are top priorities. Make sure your HVAC maintenance is on point.


The last thing we want is a plumbing issue spoiling a deal. Sewer and septic systems must be ready for years of service. Electric heat pump water heaters are some of the newest and most efficient options. Installing an efficient water heater will go a long way with zoomers.

Exterior Paint

Painting the outside of a home is no small task. We know zoomers appreciate diversity, but they will still appreciate colours that match the other homes in the neighbourhood. Neutral colours please most buyers.

Gen Zers have a track record for reading online reviews and researching ahead of time. This generation of well-educated internet sleuths will notice work completed by professionals with established reputations and contractor websites. Knowing the right people did the big-ticket repairs removes doubts about the deal.

Which Upgrades Appeal to Gen Z But Haven't Gone Mainstream Yet?

How to Sell a Home to Gen Z Homebuyers

After we've covered the fundamentals, we can explore upgrades that appeal to the next generations of homebuyers. There is a lot of new technology on the market that isn't a standard offering in homes yet. An exciting way to capture the attention of young shoppers is to focus on the latest energy-efficient upgrades. Let's explore some upgrades zoomers will appreciate.

Solar Panels

While solar panels are becoming more popular with time, they're hardly mainstream. Solar panels can be adjustable to capture the most energy from the sun. Alternative energy sources are exciting selling points to many zoomers.

Solar Roofs

If it is time to replace the roof, it may be worth investing in a solar roof. Solar roof tiles are more robust than conventional roofing materials. In addition, homeowners benefit from converting solar energy to power for the home. Solar roofs and other green building technologies are a fantastic way to capture the attention of eco-minded shoppers.

Home Batteries

Zoomers had the luxury of avoiding pink bunny commercials about which disposable battery brand is superior. Instead, everything has rechargeable‌ batteries—even houses. Besides powering the house during an outage, home batteries store excess power captured by alternative sources like solar panels.

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles (EVs) are replacing their gas-guzzling ancestors on the roadways. As EV adoption grows, we can expect charging stations and outlets for cars to go mainstream.

Besides the added savings on energy bills, homeowners can take advantage of incentives and tax credits that offset the expense of installing renewable energy and EV charging stations.

What is the Most Important to Zoomers?

Connectivity is king for zoomers. While high-speed internet is the gold standard, there are still homes with poor cell service and slow internet connections. Prepare the property for tech-savvy shoppers by implementing the following suggestions:

  • Advertise high-speed connections like fibre-optic.
  • Share speed tests recorded by previous owners or neighbours.
  • Install multi-band cell boosters to improve cell phone signal quality.
  • Wire poor connection areas of the house with ethernet cables.

Zoomers need a stable connection to stay in touch with friends, stream shows, access video cameras, log into smart thermostats, and work from home. So, we'll want to do everything we can to highlight fast internet access.

Planning For the Future of Home Selling

Picking upgrades for zoomers isn't much different from choosing upgrades for millennials. In a lot of ways, Gen Zers are aspiring young millennials. As a collective, they'll have even more college debt, a better education, face increasingly expensive housing prices, and care the most about the climate. So, being strategic about upgrades can be as easy as focusing on the fundamentals that might otherwise kill the deal, splashing in some energy-efficient upgrades, and ensuring the internet connection is tip-top.

We should try to be as forward-looking as possible with our remodelling budgets. While Gen Zers currently account for around 1% of homebuyers, it won't be long until they're the largest cohort of home shoppers. Therefore, it is in our best interest to implement upgrades that engage the shoppers we think will buy the home. Future-proofing homes for post-millennials is as simple as following the suggestions above.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

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