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Buying a Home? Why Care About Credit ScoresCanadian residents may want to move from renting to owning a home. In some areas, it may be a great time to snap up an available property and start building equity in a home of your own. One key element that will be reviewed by any potential lender is that of a mortgage applicant's credit score. Potential homebuyers who anticipate requiring a mortgage loan in order to afford to purchase a home need to look at their credit scores and learn more about the relationship between credit scores and mortgage loans. Those with high credit scores may be easily preapproved for a mortgage, reducing the possibility of potential obstacles when working with a seller in competitive housing markets, such as Vancouver and Toronto.

A credit score is only one

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How to Choose Between Two Homes When Home BuyingMany couples and families run into a situation where they fall in love with 2 Calgary houses at the same time and aren't able to make a decision between either of them. While other people are racing around frantically trying to find their dream home, these few are torn between 2 homes that are both very desirable.

In some cases there may be a split decision between the wife and the husband. The husband has fallen in love with a house with a large rec room while the wife prefers a bungalow that has a lot of storage capacity. In other cases the couple may both be in love with 2 different homes. What would be the solution to this sort of situation?

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a licensed real estate professional before

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What to Know When Refinancing Your MortgageThere are times when it makes sense to refinance your mortgage. It is however, important to have a clear financial objective in mind to be able to choose the most appropriate loan.

Since interest rates are at a 40-year low, switching to a lower rate may save you a lot of money – possibly thousands of dollars per year. There are penalties for paying your mortgage loan out prior to renewal, however these could be offset by the extra money you save through a refinance.

For informational purposes only. Always consult with a mortgage specialist before proceeding with any real estate transaction.

Before deciding whether or not to refinance, you need to determine what you want to accomplish. Remember, a refinance doesn't pay off the debt; it just

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How to Effectively Negotiate the Cost of a HomeThere are many, many books written on negotiation. There are as many good books as there are bad. In the past, manipulation used to be the standard method of choice for negotiating. Learning how to control and use subtle techniques to get what you want, and then leave the other side without a leg to stand on. This ultimately led to prolonged negotiations, with one side feeling cheated. As a result, that side would likely choose not to do business with the other party in the future, or would go out of their way to compensate for their losses. As a result, both sides would lose.

Business has changed. The knowledge and expectation of consumers has increased dramatically. The average consumer has done their homework and now brings a lot more to the

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Understanding the Real Estate CommissionThis is an old made-up story but one that makes a lot of sense. The heat turned off one day and a couple had to call in a specialist to look at their furnace. The house was getting colder and the children were starting to complain. When the furnace professional arrived he was warmly welcomed into the home and made his way downstairs. Upon arriving at the furnace he gave it a quick inspection and then gave it a good bang in a certain spot. The furnace instantly turned on, the couple was elated and they all headed upstairs to give the children the good news.

The furnace guy took out his invoice and handed the couple a bill for $200. The husband was shocked at the price and asked why he had to pay $200 for 5 minutes of work. He also added that he

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How Will a Septic Tank Affect My Homeownership?A septic system may last for about a quarter of a century. For someone looking to buy a home, this is an important consideration. Septic systems pose a number of unique questions and concerns for home buyers, so it helps to have the facts before making a final decision.

Past, Present, and Future Questions

Canadian homeowners have strict requirements if they hope to keep their septic system up to code. Not only do they have to know the state of the septic system at the time of purchase, but they also have to plan ahead if requirements become even more stringent in the years to come. Ideally, septic systems will need to be inspected several times a year to ensure peak performance.

Homeowners need to know how well the system was maintained,

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how to Invest in Calgary Real EstateWhen most people think of Calgary real estate investments they envision taking their money and putting it into some type of commercial property. This isn't the only meaning for a property investment though. Any time anyone buys a condo, townhouse, semi-detached dwelling, single-family home or a luxury property they are putting their money into an investment in the future.

That's indeed the beauty of the whole real estate investment game. You don't have to locate any type of commercial properties in order to make money. Since you have purchased your own home you have bought into an investment that is going to pay off for you somewhere down the road later.

No matter what seems to be happening the world over, or even in the rest of Canada, real

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Why Should You Get a Calgary Home Inspection?It's easy to get caught up in the speed, drama and pressure of bidding on a house that you are willing to skip a few steps to make sure you acquire the house of your dreams. You're suddenly willing to pay a few thousand more than you had intended. You're willing to go for a quicker closing date. You're even willing to skip the home inspection process, and just ask a knowledgeable family member to check it out for you. Slow down. Relax.

Don't let yourself fall in love with a house until you've had the house examined by a professional. The house could have any number of problems in structural, roofing, exterior, foundation, heating, plumbing, electrical, insulation etc. Even with newer homes, or ones that look flawless in your eyes, you'll never

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5 Tips for Buying a Newly Constructed Home Buying a brand new home can be one of the most thrilling things for a new homeowner—it's the ultimate clean slate just waiting to be filled with lasting memories. But buying a new home has a few caveats that really can't be ignored. Find out more about what's different with a new construction sale so there are fewer surprises.

The Timeline of Buying a New Construction Home

With a new home, buyers have to contend with the owner's schedules (which can be difficult enough). With newly constructed homes, buyers have to deal with delays from government authorities and nasty weather. Unfortunately, both climate patterns and local politics can be extremely unpredictable, so buyers should be ready for possible hiccups. However, it's important that

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When's the Best Time to Buy and Sell Your Home?When should I sell? How can I make sure that I will get the most for my home? I can’t afford to own two homes, so how can I be sure I don’t get stuck with my house?

Wondering when to sell? Hoping to make the most profit possible? Afraid you'll be stuck with two houses if your first doesn't sell? Let's talk about the art of timing, and how your timing will make or break your success.

Timing is a critical factor in determining the amount of money you can expect to get for your home. It is important to note that we are discussing a free, “no labour required” way to add thousands to the price of your home. Before figuring out when we should sell, we need to understand the two primary factors that will determine how effectively you can maximize

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