Why Real Estate Is the Best Investment You Can Make

Posted by Justin Havre. on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 at 7:53pm.

When you're looking at investment opportunities, owning your own home is the best one you could possibly make. Whether the market is suited for buyers or for sellers should not really be of concern to you. Real estate is a long-term investment opportunity and should not be viewed in the short term only.

Tax-free investment

How many investments can you make in your lifetime that are totally tax-free? If you're living in your principle residence, the taxman won't ever be knocking on your door asking for a piece of the pie. While you can purchase some investments with a tax-free savings account, you are limited in the amount you can invest every year. With a home, you can buy the biggest and fanciest one that you can afford without having to worry about meeting limits on your investment.

Enjoy your investment

While it may be nice to buy GICs, stocks or mutual funds, you won't be able to enjoy them while you have them. The most you'll get is a piece of paper showing your investment. With a home, it is quite different. Every day you’ll be able to enjoy your own place as your investment continues to grow. What can you really do with a piece of paper anyway besides filing it away or at best making a paper airplane out of it?

A tax-free investment that you can enjoy throughout the years is something that you simply can't find with any other types of financial opportunities. When you consider the long-term perspective and how much use you’ll get out of your home in both the long-term and short-term future, it's clear to see why real estate is truly the best investment you could ever make.

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