What is a dual-master home?

Posted by Justin Havre. on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016 at 2:55pm.

All jokes aside, a dual-master is about bedrooms and bathrooms. Not about who's in charge at home.

Dual-masters are becoming more popular and satisfy a particular niche in Calgary's housing market.

There is a cross-section of the population for which a traditional three-bedroom home doesn't quite work. Dual masters would be perfect, bedroom/bathroom configurations that work well in smaller homes such as townhomes and condominiums.

Think young professionals with no children and roommates or frequent visitors. Or empty-nesters with children or other family members that visit frequently.

Two bedrooms, each with their own ensuite and frequently their own walk-in closets are often taking that extra square footage that would have been a third bedroom. Some new home builders are saying that 10 to 20% of their offerings with smaller footprints are dual-master homes.

This type of home certainly fits a niche but the rise of the double master-suite home is not as quick as some predicted.

In 2011, the National Home Builders Association in the U.S. predicted that by 2015 at least 60% of all new homes built in America would have master suites. Their predictions were out by quite a bit, both there and in our country.

Again, the driving force behind this type of bedroom/bathroom configuration is another type of configuration – the family.

Young couples still want the traditional three-bedroom and four-bedroom home, all on the main level but these aren't the only demographic segment purchasing homes. Another example would be single parents with a teenager or adult child or the couple who are caring for aging parents.

Who doesn't want their own bathroom more than a teenager? Live-in relatives can still enjoy familiar circumstances and benefit from a loving, supportive environment while enjoying some semblance of independence in an arrangement like this.

The beauty for the purchaser of buying a dual-master home is flexibility. Two bedrooms and two bathrooms on one floor and with the exception of apartment condos, often a third or maybe even a fourth bedroom can be added at a later date in an unfinished basement.

Thinking of renovating?

The popularity of dual master-suites is not lost on people renovating existing space. It's important to keep the whole home in mind when creating a new floor plan during a renovation. Here are some considerations:

California splits: These popular four-level split homes have two bedrooms on the top floor and one or more on the third and fourth levels of the home. The second bedroom on the top floor is often very small, suitable for a nursery and often people will but this top floor and put in one master suite with a walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom. The problem with this configuration is re-sale. Even with more bedroom options on lower floors, this configuration often leaves out families with children under 10 who don't want their children on a different floor, let alone a floor two levels down. It's not impossible to sell this type of home but you are limiting your potential market.

Large Homes: Homes with 2,000 square feet or more frequently have four bedrooms up. The temptation may be to create dual masters upstairs; however with so much room to work with in a home this large, likely with basement development, you might want to spread the master suites out on different floors. Too much togetherness in a house this big isn't always appealing.

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