Selling a Home? What to Know About Virtual Reality

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, July 8th, 2019 at 8:21am.

Sell a Home with Virtual RealityIt may be time to take a listing to the next dimension. Static images are a common way to market a property but cannot provide the type of experience that comes with virtual reality. Virtual reality is here and can be a useful tool in depicting features of an available home in emails and online. Learn more about how virtual reality is being used to help sell homes faster and possibly for more money.

Why Embrace Virtual Reality

Home buyers can get a sense of a home, both inside and out, with traditional real estate photography. However, they do not see the layout of a home or the get a sense of spaciousness. Agents are attempting to address these gaps as they realize how important it is for a property to appeal to buyers.

Using virtual reality can serve to enhance a buyer's online experience. Virtual reality (VR) can provide a better idea of how a space feels and is a refreshing take when compared with traditional methods. Virtual tours may soon be replacing the need for a buyer to visit a home. This type of tour is a convenient way to see a property online, giving more information to a visitor on an online platform. This can help move interested potential buyers to the next step and attract qualified buyers.

How Can Virtual Reality Help Sell?

Virtual reality tours are another marketing tool for those selling a vacation home or property that may appeal to an international clientele. A homeowner needs to set aside a budget to use for the design of a virtual tour, as some expertise is needed to showcase a home and bring all the elements together in an engaging video format. Buyers can benefit from getting a more accurate sense of how it is to be on the property with unique features and outdoor spaces before visiting the home.

The Potential for VR Hotspots

Considering that gamification has become more important to audiences, VR Hotspots augment the virtual reality experience and encourages more interactivity. Special overlays are used to add more details during a virtual tour or provide a close up view of an area. Properties that may benefit from this technology are those which may have architectural significance, are close to a desirable attraction or have unusual features. Agents using Hotspots provide a way for a user to engage with VR.

VR to Sell Properties Under Construction

Virtual reality tours can be created prior to the completion of a home. This can make it easier to sell properties to investors and other prospective buyers without waiting for the property to be available for a physical walkthrough. Viewers may use Real Time Options to personalize a space and get more information on the property. Such a tool provides another way to engage with a listing.

Increase Appeal and Engagement

The asset class of real estate is experiential and in part, relies on appealing to the emotions of potential buyers. It can help a West Springs home buyer get a good sense of the property and potentially fall in love with it. VR can be a boon to sellers in competitive markets with a virtual walkthrough easily viewed on mobile devices or a virtual reality headset. VR can move the home buying process along and may even reduce the time agents spend on physical walkthroughs. A buyer can be empowered to arrive at an open house and make an offer with a VR experience.

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