Rain Shower Heads - You'll Either Love Them or Hate Them

Posted by Call Centre on Friday, September 13th, 2019 at 2:31pm.

Trending right now in the bathroom line of products is the rain shower head. If you love your morning shower and want the spray to shower down "just so", you're either going to love or hate this product. It's being promoted as the new luxurious and stylish alternative to regular shower heads but it will be up to you as to whether this is really the next big thing or not.

Why People Love Rain Shower Heads

Engineers have come up with a way to make the shower heads feel just like you are standing out in the rain. Today's models offer a wider surface area and larger water droplets. When these larger drops come down from the shower head they bounce into each other forming streams of fine droplets.

The effect is really quite amazing but whether you'll want to experience that kind of shower every morning is another thing. For people that want to stay up on the newest trends and want to have technology incorporated into their bathroom fixtures, rain shower heads can be purchased that come with an LED display on a stereo system that's built into the unit. This is perfect for anyone that likes to sing in the rain!

Pros & Cons of Rain Shower Heads

While rain shower heads have attracted quite a following in recent years, some homeowners who have tried them opt to return to a traditional shower head, or to supplement the rain head with a flexible, pulsating shower head as well. If you're considering a rain head, here are some basic considerations:

Things to Love About a Rain Shower Head:

  • High style, "cool" appearance;
  • They increase a bath's value;
  • Gentle, widespread spray and consistent pressure. The larger the surface, the gentler the force, although some new models are adjustable;
  • Optional Placement: On the ceiling or, as an alternative, on a flexible wall-mounted flange.

Some Disadvantages of a Rain Head:

  • The spray is constant, and typically not as forceful as a standard shower head;
  • Both sudsing up and rinsing off can be more difficult due to the constant water spray and gentle pressure;
  • No options for pulsating massage or for directed body spray, unless combined with a second, flexible shower head;
  • Holes can become clogged, requiring frequent cleaning to eliminate misdirected or spotty water spray;
  • Generally higher than standard cost.

Will You Like Rain Shower Heads?

If you love standing out in a rain shower, this may just be the shower head for you! If you have had one before and didn't like it, the technology has changed on them recently. When they first came out a lot of people were complaining that the water felt like pins and needles were dropping on them and that it took too long to rinse off soap and shampoo.

Before making a huge investment in this type of shower fixture you may want to try out one of the cheaper models first to see if you like it or not. There has been a lot of good and bad feedback about these shower heads and you'll have to try one for yourself to find out if it really belongs in your bathroom or not!

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