Top 10 Most Walkable Neighbourhoods in Calgary, Alberta

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, May 2nd, 2024 at 11:59am.

Walkable Neighbourhoods in Calgary

Calgary's most walkable neighbourhoods enhance the quality of life for people who love the convenience of strolling to restaurants, shops, or top employers. Lace up your walking shoes and stride through Calgary's ten most pedestrian-friendly communities. Each neighbourhood boasts a unique charm, accessible amenities, and a strong sense of community. Whether you crave a trendy social hub or a peaceful haven close to the city center, Calgary's walkable neighbourhoods have something to offer everyone.

Beltline: Where History Meets Modernity

Beltline is the Most Walkable Neighbourhood in Calgary

The Beltline neighbourhood in Calgary holds a significant place in the city's history. It boasts Calgary's oldest park and the first streetcar route. Today, the area harmoniously blends its rich heritage with modern touches. Gleaming skyscrapers stand alongside historic brick buildings, creating an attractive streetscape. Bustling shops and peaceful green spaces offer diverse experiences.

What Makes Beltline a Walkable Neighborhood

Exploring the Beltline on foot is a joy. The neighbourhood's high density and well-connected street grid make navigating easy. With a perfect blend of residential and commercial spaces, everything you need for daily life is just a short stroll away. Whether you're grabbing groceries, catching a movie, or indulging in a night out with friends, Beltline's walkability makes it a car-free haven!

Top Attractions in Beltline:

  • 17th Avenue: A vibrant hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • Central Memorial Park: Calgary's oldest park, offering green space and a chance to relax.
  • Calgary Stampede: Experience the thrill of the rodeo steps away from your doorstep (during Stampede week).

Cost of Living in Beltline

Beltline offers a range of housing options, from trendy condos to historic homes. The average price of a condo in Beltline sits around $420,000, while detached homes can range from $800,000 to upwards. Being a central location, expect higher grocery and dining costs than the city's outskirts. With its excellent walkability and proximity to major employers like Shaw Communications and Enmax, Beltline offers a convenient and exciting place to call home for anyone moving to Calgary.

Bridgeland: Where Heritage Meets City Buzz

Bridgeland has a rich past and offers a suburban feel with urban convenience. It retains its historical charm with beautifully preserved homes and a strong sense of community. Tree-lined streets, office buildings, trendy shops, and restaurants on 1st  Avenue characterize the area. St. Patrick's Island Park provides a tranquil escape. 

What Makes Bridgeland a Walkable Neighborhood

A well-defined grid layout and pedestrian-friendly streets make getting around Bridgeland-Riverside a breeze. The neighbourhood boasts excellent access to public transportation, making it easy to connect to other parts of the city. With abundant local amenities within walking distance, Bridgeland allows residents to embrace a car-light lifestyle.

Top Attractions in Bridgeland

  • Calgary Zoo: One of Calgary's top attractions, featuring over 100 animal species.
  • Tom Campbell's Hill Natural Park: Large hillside park with trails, skyline views, and an off-leash dog park.
  • St. Patrick's Island Park: Beautiful park in the middle of the river that has trails and a playground.

Cost of Living in Bridgeland

Homes for sale in Bridgeland-Riverside include condos, attached townhomes, and detached homes alike. Condos typically start in the low $300s. Detached homes may start listing in the $600s, but are more frequently available in the $800s to $1 million-plus range.

Downtown West End: Live at the Heart of it All

Downtown West End is Highly Walkable in Calgary

The Downtown West End of Calgary represents Calgary's evolution to a thriving urban hub. It boasts the ultimate in-city living, with stunning skyline views, a vibrant atmosphere, and direct access to downtown. The West End provides the excitement of downtown and a sense of community, making it a desirable neighbourhood.

What Makes Downtown West End a Walkable Neighborhood

The Downtown West End was designed with foot traffic in mind. Wide sidewalks, pedestrian-friendly intersections, and effortless access to public transport make getting around Calgary a breeze from this neighbourhood. With shops, restaurants, offices, and entertainment venues right at your doorstep, everything is a short stroll away.

Top Attractions in Downtown West End

  • Millennium Park: The largest skatepark in North America.
  • Contemporary Calgary: A modern art gallery showcasing cutting-edge exhibitions.
  • Mewata Armoury: A historic military landmark with a fascinating story.

Cost of Living in Downtown West End

Given its prime downtown location, West End real estate is expensive. Condos typically start around $450,000, while larger units and penthouses can easily surpass $1 million. However, the neighbourhood's walkability and access to amenities often offset higher housing costs, especially for those without a vehicle.

Cliff Bungalow: A Touch of Tranquility Near the City

Cliff Bungalow is a charming neighbourhood with a historical past and a close-knit community. It houses many single-family homes while being close to downtown excitement. The mature trees, peaceful streets, and proximity to vibrant 4th Street and 17th Avenue make it a desirable place to live for people who want the luxury of walking to dinner or work.

What Makes Cliff Bungalow a Walkable Neighborhood

Cliff Bungalow's compact design and ample amenities make walking the ideal mode of transport. Grocery stores, schools, parks, and various local shops and cafés are all within reach. Its proximity to downtown expands your walkable options even more!

Top Attractions in Cliff Bungalow

  • 4th Street: A lively street brimming with boutiques, restaurants, and unique shops.
  • Elbow River Pathway: Enjoy scenic strolls with stunning views of downtown along the Bow River.

Cost of Living in Cliff Bungalow

Real estate in Cliff Bungalow is a mix of authentic bungalows and contemporary dwellings, which attracts a range of home prices. Expect condos to start at around $350,000, while detached homes often range from $750,000 upwards.

East Village: Where Calgary's Story Began

Playground and Community Garden in the Highly Walkable Downtown East Village in Calgary

The East Village neighbourhood in Calgary played a crucial role in the city's growth and development and has undergone revitalization. East Village is known for its creativity and innovation, with modern skyscrapers alongside restored heritage buildings and public art installations. Residents enjoy a dynamic lifestyle infused with history and contemporary energy. 

What Makes East Village a Walkable Neighborhood

East Village's revitalization prioritized pedestrian-friendly experiences. Broad walkways, ample green spaces, and seamless connections to the RiverWalk Pathway offer a delightful experience for walkers. With diverse amenities and attractions just steps away, East Village invites you to explore your city on foot.

Top Attractions in East Village

  • Studio Bell: Home of the National Music Centre, a must-explore for music lovers.
  • Fort Calgary: Step back in time and explore Calgary's early history.
  • RiverWalk Pathway: A picturesque route along the Bow River offering stunning views.

Cost of Living in East Village

East Village offers a mix of housing options, primarily condos and townhomes. Expect condos to start around $380,000, with prices varying depending on size and views. Revitalization makes it an attractive area for investment. East Village is one of Calgary's best places to live if walkability is a priority!

Eau Claire: Riverside Serenity Meets Urban Living

Eau Claire is a neighbourhood featuring modern high rises and preserved buildings, reflecting its industrial past. It offers a blend of urban luxury and natural beauty with high-end condos, river views, parks, and scenic paths. 

What Makes Eau Claire a Walkable Neighbourhood

Eau Claire's riverfront location sets the stage for exceptional walkability. Residents enjoy an extensive network of pathways along the Bow River, perfect for strolls or invigorating runs. Nearby Prince's Island Park and Eau Claire Market make this area a walker's paradise.

Top Attractions in Eau Claire

  • Prince's Island Park: An urban oasis with walking trails, gardens, and picnic spots.
  • Eau Claire Market: A hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment.
  • Bow River Pathway: Scenic pathways taking you through Calgary's natural beauty.

Cost of Living in Eau Claire

Eau Claire's upscale allure and sought-after amenities come with a higher housing price tag. Eau Claire homes for sale typically start around $500,000, with penthouse units exceeding $1 million. The trade-off is a luxurious lifestyle where the city's best is within walking distance.

Hillhurst: Community Spirit in the City

Hillhurst Calgary is a Walkable Community

Hillhurst, one of Calgary's oldest communities, boasts a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. Its lived-in aesthetic creates a cozy, vintage ambiance. Living in Hillhurst comes with an authentic taste of community living. It's where neighbours greet each other by name, independent businesses flourish, and events bring people together. This neighbourhood is perfect for that craving connection, walkable amenities, and proximity to downtown.

What Makes Hillhurst a Walkable Neighbourhood

Hillhurst's compact and well-designed layout promotes a pedestrian-friendly environment. Residents have easy walking access to schools, parks, grocery stores, and the eclectic shops and restaurants along Kensington Road.

Top Attractions in Hillhurst

  • Kensington Road: A bustling street filled with boutiques, cafés, and a lively atmosphere.
  • Riley Park: A sprawling park offering plenty of space for picnics, sports, and outdoor fun.

Cost of Living in Hillhurst

Homes in Hillhurst include a blend of established properties and newer builds. Smaller houses and condos can start around $500,000, while more significant detached properties often surpass $1 million.

Kensington: Calgary's Eclectic Heart

Kensington is a charming and characterful neighbourhood in Calgary, attracting locals and tourists. Its diverse mix of shops, restaurants, cultural attractions, and vibrant and energetic streets make it a popular destination. Kensington's restaurants, independent boutiques, cozy cafés, and global eateries set it apart from other neighbourhoods in Calgary.

What Makes Kensington a Walkable Neighbourhood

Kensington is designed for pedestrians! Its compact layout and narrow streets encourage strolling and exploring. From grocery runs to evenings enjoying live music, car-free living is a natural fit in Kensington.

Top Attractions in Kensington

  • Plaza Theatre: A historical movie theatre with a mix of classics and independent films.
  • Sunnyside Market: A beloved farmers' market offering fresh produce and artisan goods.
  • RiverWalk: A stone's throw away, with paths connecting to the city's network of walking trails.

Cost of Living in Kensington

Kensington's popularity translates to higher housing prices. Condo prices generally start around $400,000, while detached homes and townhomes can range upwards of $800,000. Those who prioritize walkability and a vibrant atmosphere often consider the costs worthwhile for Kensington's unique lifestyle.

Lower Mount Royal: Where Elegance Meets Urban Accessibility

A Detached Home in the Walkable Lower Mount Royal Neighbourhood in Calgary

Lower Mount Royal is a remarkable neighbourhood known for its timeless charm and fusion of historic elegance with modern vibrancy. Established in the early 20th century, it boasts beautiful Edwardian homes and leafy streets, reflecting its regal past. The neighbourhood seamlessly blends historic allure with contemporary appeal, presenting stunning homes for sale, trendy shops, and restaurants along 17th Avenue. Lower Mount Royal attracts individuals seeking a walkable lifestyle infused with an upscale touch.

What Makes Lower Mount Royal a Walkable Neighbourhood

Located near downtown, Lower Mount Royal provides exceptional walkability. Residents can comfortably walk to grocery stores, coffee shops, and boutiques and enjoy 17th Avenue S's vibrant atmosphere.

Top Attractions in Lower Mount Royal

  • 17th Avenue: Known for its shopping, dining, and nightlife.
  • Tomkins Park: A charming park with a playground and walking paths.
  • Devenish Apartments: A historic and architecturally stunning former apartment building.

Cost of Living in Lower Mount Royal

Real estate in Lower Mount Royal presents a mix of condos and historic homes, attracting a wide price range. Expect condos to start around $420,000, while larger detached homes can easily exceed $1 million. The neighbourhood's walkability and access to premium amenities often justify the higher real estate costs.

Mission: A Culinary and Cultural Delight

The Mission neighbourhood is one of the best places to live near the 4th Street restaurants in Calgary. Historic landmarks and cultural institutions line its streets, showcasing a harmonious blend of the historical past and contemporary life. Mission offers a rich cultural experience featuring historic churches, modern condos, trendy boutiques, and diverse restaurants. It's an ideal destination for those seeking exceptional cuisine and a vibrant neighbourhood character.

What Makes Mission a Walkable Neighbourhood

Mission is a pedestrian's paradise. Compact streets and a rich concentration of amenities make walking a preferred choice. Residents can easily stroll to acclaimed restaurants along 4th Street, pick up essentials, or even catch a game at the sports bar in Elbow River Casino.

Top Attractions in Mission

  • 4th Street: The culinary heart of the neighbourhood with renowned restaurants and cafes.
  • Elbow River Pathway: A picturesque riverside walking and cycling path.
  • Repsol Sport Centre: A state-of-the-art recreation facility.

Cost of Living in Mission

Homes in Mission range from historic homes to modern condos. Expect condos to start at around $350,000, with larger units and detached homes of over $800,000. Despite slightly higher prices, the mission's vibrant atmosphere and convenient walkability attract many homebuyers.

Calgary's Walkable Wonders: Your Next Steps

From historic gems to revitalized hubs, it's no surprise that the most walkable neighbourhoods are also some of the best neighbourhoods in Calgary. Whether you're drawn to the city's pulse or quiet nature trails, Calgary has a walkable haven just for you. Ready to experience Calgary's walkability firsthand? Explore these neighbourhoods with your own two feet! 

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