4th Street Calgary: Perks of Living Near 4th Street in Mission

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, December 8th, 2022 at 8:45am.

Living Near 4th Street in the Mission Neighbourhood

Calgary is known for its industry, history, and cowboy culture. Within Calgary, the Mission neighbourhood is one of the oldest and most historic areas. Over the years, the Mission neighbourhood has changed. No longer filled with just scattered houses, the Mission district is now full of trendy shopping areas, delicious restaurants, and a thriving nightlife. The most popular area in Mission is the 4th Street corridor, home to many of Calgary's top attractions.

4th Street is the epitome of walkability and vibrance. The area weaves around different pubs, bars, lounges, and cafés in a neighbourhood filled with townhomes and Calgary condos. From daytime activities to nighttime entertainment, there is plenty in the 4th Street corridor to keep residents and visitors alike busy and engaged in the community. This article will help you learn why you should love living near 4th Street in Mission.

Proximity to Restaurants

When you buy a home for sale in Mission, you know there is no shortage of dining opportunities and new restaurants to explore. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert are extensively covered with plenty of cuisine options that will delight any foodie. Start your day off at Purple Perk with a cup of delicious organic coffee, or head over to Seed N Salt for local farm-to-table food that supports the local farmers and growers in Mission.

After breakfast, walk along shops and salons to JINYA Ramen Bar to expand your palette. This unique ramen restaurant uses broth simmered for 20 hours, allowing you to enjoy a new eating experience. You can also visit numerous cafes and lunch places for sandwiches, pizza, salads, and more. And for dinner, experience any international cuisines, like Fleur de Sel Brasserie or Shokunin. You can enjoy tasty desserts from La Boulangerie or grab a glass of wine in the Vin Room to finish the night.

Adding to the restaurants in Mission are the plentiful walkable restaurants in Bridgeland-Riverside, just across the river from Mission.

4th Street Lilac Festival

4th Street Hosts the Annual Lilac Festival

Nothing says local charm like an annual festival. In the Mission neighbourhood, the 4th Street Lilac Festival in spring is the first chance of the season to explore local vendors and experience musical performances, craftsmanship, entertainment, and, of course, people-watching. The festival is designed for all ages, with games and play areas for the kids, while parents enjoy watching performances by emerging artists.

There are six stages during the festival, allowing multiple local artists to perform and entertain audiences while gaining exposure. Visitors can also traverse through over 500 artisan vendors offering handmade crafts, imports, and art pieces sure to delight and intrigue visitors. The Lilac Festival is a great way to jump into spring and get back into the community of 4th Street after a long winter. It allows people to enjoy the outdoors once again while supporting local artists and enjoying entertainment for the day.

Walk Past Public Art Displays

4th Street is known for its artsy atmosphere and unique neighbourhood feel, so it makes sense that public art installations are an essential part of the local culture. The 4th Street Public Art Society was created to help revitalize the artistic direction of the area and create an artistic ambiance that uses sculpture to enlighten and educate visitors and residents. The sculptures in the area include pieces like Counting Crows by Evelyn Grant, Aesop's Fables by Garry Williams, Hand Signals by Derek Micheal Besant, Angel Heart by Errol Lee Fullen, and Starting Fourth by Garry Jones.

Various Alberta artists have commissioned different sculptural pieces throughout the 4th Street corridor through art competitions. With help from the Calgary Region Arts Foundation and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, plenty of people are involved in helping expand the art scene of 4th Street and allowing local artists to create pieces of art that will become signatures of the community.

Plenty of Places to Shop

4th Street Has

There are over 300 businesses in the 4th Street neighbourhood, so there are plenty of shopping opportunities for you to explore and support local businesses. Explore clothing boutiques that carry designer and local labels, or go to the local consignment store, Feisty, to see what vintage goods you can find. Inspirati is a home decor store specializing in fine linens, so it's worth visiting. There are countless great shopping destinations in Calgary, and Mission is ideally situated for residents to enjoy them.

If you want more perishable goods, head to Marlow Floralworks to see the fantastic floral displays and buy some unique plants for your home. There's also a tearoom hidden in the store that serves teas, drinks, and other treats for you to enjoy as you wander around 4th Street shops. And for pet lovers, check out Fin Calgary, the only fish store downtown, to find a wide array of tropical fish and other aquarium supplies that will keep your fish tank looking fresh.

Easy Access to Parks

People come to Calgary for the parks, and Mission is a great neighbourhood from which to access them. In addition to walkable neighbourhoods and access to numerous stores and restaurants, there is also access to plenty of green spaces in the 4th Street corridor. Calgary's oldest park, Central Memorial Park, is modelled after old Victorian gardens and features geometric pathways, mature trees, and elaborately designed flower beds. This gorgeous area is perfect for an afternoon stroll or sitting down with a good book for a few hours to enjoy the fresh air.

William Aberhart Park is also near 4th Street, with picnic tables, green spaces, community gardens, and a playground for the kids to enjoy. You can also take a short walk to the Elbow River Pathway, which provides exceptional views and sightseeing along the Elbow River. The path is around 20 kilometres long and is excellent for biking, walking, skating, and more. You can come across various viewing areas and parks along the path while enjoying the great outdoors.

Learn to Love Living in Mission Near 4th Street

No matter where you live, there will be things to love and enjoy, thanks to the quality of life in Calgary. However, 4th Street in Mission has abundant activities, recreation, and entertainment that aren't found in every neighbourhood. There are plenty of places to explore, from the walkable downtown to the gorgeous parks and green spaces. And the local arts and festivals help to bring the community together and create an atmosphere that makes 4th Street a one-of-a-kind location.

4th Street is an area that has gone through a lot of development and refurbishment to become the place it is today, and it continues to expand and grow to become even more community-focused and expansive. With new restaurants, shopping centers, and nightlife spaces opening up, there is always room for excitement and opportunity in the 4th Street neighbourhood.

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