How to Make an Older Home More Appealing to Younger Buyers

Posted by Call Centre on Thursday, June 27th, 2019 at 4:13pm.

What to Know About Age Restrictions in CondosWhile a lot of young buyers are looking for new modern homes, there are still many that are looking for the unique characteristics that can only be found in an older home. In order to make your home more appealing to the younger crowd, here are some great suggestions that can certainly help you out.

Get A Home Inspection

One of the things that the younger buyers are going to fear most is the amount of repairs and maintenance that will be required for the home. You can put their fears to rest by getting a home inspection done on your own and then handing out a copy of it to prospective buyers. As a seller, you'll also find out ahead of time whether there is anything pressing that should be done on your home before it's put on the market.

Offer Repair Credits

Most young buyers are working with a limited budget for their new home. By offering a credit for certain repairs that need to be done, these prospective buyers will keep your home on their lists for consideration. You can even go one step further by letting them know that the renovations that they make can fit into their own personal tastes.

Keep The Home Light And Bright

Many older homes have smaller windows so you'll need to make sure that you compensate for lack of light in other ways. Install high wattage light bulbs and add extra light fixtures and lamps where necessary throughout the home.

Make Information Available About the Benefits of Owning a Historic Home

Because young buyers are always focused on their budget and the bottom line, make sure to tell prospective buyers about any tax benefits or financial considerations that might work in their favor. For example, many municipalities have funds available to help homeowners renovate historic buildings, provided they keep the historic look and feel of the home. Some areas also offer tax breaks to help outweigh any additional expenses related to owning and maintaining a historic home. Assemble all this information into a packet and make it available for anyone who arrives for a showing, and be sure to make a small note in the listing so young buyers aren't immediately turned off by the age of the home.

Make A List Of The Special Neighborhood Amenities

Find out what the amenities are in your community that would be appealing to younger families. This could include schools, community centres, public transportation, cafés and restaurants nearby, a fitness club etc.

Keep in mind that millennials are a driving force behind today's real estate market in Calgary. This includes young families, singles and couples. Don't forget to market to this age group even when your home is older.

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