What Will You Discover at Modern Menswear?

Posted by Justin Havre. on Monday, November 16th, 2015 at 10:16am.

Modern Menswear StoreModern Menswear is a clothing store dedicated to the modern man. Located in Calgary, the goal of Modern Menswear is to transform the modern Calgary man into a fashionable and stylish male with brands such as Han Kjobenhavn, Wood Wood, Wemoto and Ontour.

A step inside the Modern Menswear shop however is like stepping into a closet of a clothing designer. Every decorative piece and every article of clothing seem to complement each other. Clothes are hung, folded, thrown and stacked delicately; colours are pleasing and cool. Come to Modern Menswear and transform your ho- hum wardrobe into a stunning Scandinavian collection.

History of Modern Menswear

Modern Menswear started barely a year ago. Its owner, Drew Rudichuk had only one mission in mind and that is to inspire men in Calgary to wear modern and stylish clothes. Drew's personal style and his smart fashion sense are in every article of clothing that he sells in his store. He dreams of bringing Scandinavian style one outfit at a time.

Clothing Items on Sale

Modern Menswear has a number of European brands. There are pants, shorts, shirts, long-sleeved shirts, underwear, hats, bags, shoes and other clothing accessories on sale. Aside from popular European clothing brands, you can also find high quality, durable and easy to wash and wear clothes, which is very important for the modern man. Items are wonderfully placed in large shelves or hung in convenient improvised hanging hardware so that customers can easily pick what they want to purchase.

Impressive Store Interiors

The warm wooden floors, inviting and stylish interiors and minimalistic feel, makes the Modern Menswear boutique clearly one of the best places to shop for men's clothing in Calgary. You will feel drawn to the items on sale with the store ambiance. So come on over to Modern Menswear and find out what it means to dress like a modern man.

Image courtesy of Modern Menswear.

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