What Can You Expect When Shopping At Rubaiyat?

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 at 10:12am.


Rubaiyat is one of Calgary’s finest and most popular shopping destinations for locals and tourists alike. Don’t let the small looking entrance on the outside fool you. Once entering this store, it’s easy to see why it has become such a staple of Calgary throughout the years.

Stained Glass

From its beginnings in 1973 when it was known as Rubaiyat Stained Glass Studio & Warehouse, the store quickly became famous for custom stained glass windows for different architectural buildings. Rubaiyat has expanded in recent years to be known for so much more.

Huge Variety of Merchandise

Rubaiyat now sells a large variety of custom jewellery, fragrances, furniture, and other home furnishings, such as lamps and candles. With over eight hundred artists and designers inside a huge, eight thousand five hundred square foot space, there is something for everyone.

Ornaments and Christmas Displays

Christmas time is known to be the best time of the year at Rubaiyat. All areas of the store are festive with unique Christmas displays to view and a wide selection of Christmas presents to buy. In fact, it may take up to three months just to decorate the entire store for the holiday season. Rubaiyat also offers gift wrapping.

Positive Experience Guaranteed

Even for window shoppers from Calgary and beyond, Rubaiyat has enough inventory to keep you occupied for a while.  If you have questions or need something specific, the knowledgeable staff is right there to eagerly assist you so that you can have the most positive experience possible.

It is certainly worth it to check out one of Calgary most well-known spots. Rubaiyat is always getting new inventory, which guarantees a different shopping experience each time. It really doesn’t matter what you are shopping for, you are going to have no trouble finding it. In fact, bring some extra cash.

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