Visit the Olympic Oval this Holiday Season

Posted by Justin Havre. on Monday, December 29th, 2014 at 7:40pm.

Public skating has officially opened for the season at Olympic Oval in Calgary. Come down with your family to skate on the fastest ice rink in the world! It's a great time of the year to sharpen up your skates and take in some exercise to help work off the holiday feasts!

The ice ovals are located at the University of Calgary at 2500 University Drive NW. The rink attracts some of the best athletes locally, nationally and internationally. This is a world-class skating venue and every year thousands of public skaters, coaches, athletes and visitors make their way into the building.

This is where the Olympic Winter skating competitions were held in 1988. This facility can boast having the fastest ice worldwide due to the 292 world records that have been set in both short and long track speed skating during the last 27 years.

It isn't easy maintaining this fast-paced rink that consists of 3 surfaces. There is one speed skating long track oval and 2 hockey rinks that fit into the oval ice. Only demineralized water can be used to make the ice since it reduces mineral and dirt buildup better than regular water.

The 3 different ice surface temperatures are independently controlled. The temperatures range anywhere from -2°C up to -7°C and vary according to the activities that will be performed upon them. As well, air circulation, air temperature and humidity levels need to be taken into account. The ice technicians that maintain the rinks also have to factor in how many spectators will be in the facility during events.

Take some time during this busy season to skate on the fastest ice in the world along with your friends and family. The admission prices are low and you may even find that one of your children has a special talent on ice that needs to be further explored.

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