Take the Stress Out Of Showing Your Home with These 3 Simple Tips

Posted by Justin Havre. on Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 at 8:01am.

Your real estate agent gives you a call to let you know that he'll be arriving for a showing in less than an hour. Your house is in a shambles from top to bottom but you don't want to cancel the viewing. You run through the house to make it presentable and have pull it off at the last minute. You decide that you never want to do this again and want to be better prepared for the next showings. Here are 3 tips that you can use to help keep your home in shape and always ready for visitors.

Always be prepared

Have the basic assumption planted in your mind that you're going to have a showing daily. This way, you'll never be afraid of the phone ringing and will welcome the chance to show your home to a prospective buyer.

Use a showing checklist

Create a checklist that you can use to keep your home looking its best. If you have children, give them a list of activities that they must do every day to keep the house looking tidy. You and any other adults in the home should also have these checklists available. It will remind you to do keep the dishes caught up, always have the beds made and to keep items from building up on the coffee table.

Have a few trial runs

Make this into a game with your kids much like you would with a fire escape drill. Let your kids know that when you shout out the word "Visitors!" that they have to run into high gear and get the house looking great in 10 minutes. Call out this word a few times with excitement and watch your kids spring into action! Then, when the real thing does happen, they'll be ready to get into gear at full speed in order to have the house looking fantastic by the time the doorbell rings.

It can be extremely difficult to keep your house looking 100% all of the time - especially when you have kids or pets. Do your best to implement some of the above strategies. You'll see results! You never know when the next knock on the door will be the future buyer of your home.

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