Should you Try Bobsleigh at WinSport in the Canada Olympic Park?

Posted by Justin Havre on Tuesday, February 24th, 2015 at 11:19am.

Team Canada at Bobsleigh - Image Credit:

For an older generation when you think of the bobsleigh the movie The Jamaican Bobsled Team comes to mind. For younger people maybe you just know bob sledding from the Olympics. Either way it does not look like it's for someone who doesn't enjoy speed. If you are considering trying bobsleighing at Winsport then you should know a few things. Four people fit into one sleigh and it goes very fast down a slick track of snow.

Watch a Safety Video First

You will need to watch a safety video before you even start your journey. You will wear a helmet and be shown how to hold your shoulders and neck to prevent any injuries. There won't be an opportunity for you to run and jump in, you will climb in a very still sled and be pushed. There will be someone in the sled with you as well who has experience. This is your driver so you know you will be safe on the way down.

The ride really lasts for sixty seconds but it seems like so much more. The 5G forces are going to push you down and make it hard for you to hold up your head. Starting off slow you will accelerate as the ride goes on and by the end you will probably be happy it didn’t last any longer, but what a rush you will get from it. If you like to do things that give you an adrenaline rush then you should definitely try this out, there’s really nothing like it.

Obviously if you have back problems you shouldn't do it. There are about fourteen turns and you will get a little knocked around, but if you're in good health go for it!

Bobsleigh isn’t for everyone, but it is a lot of fun for anyone willing to give it a try.

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