Preparing Your Home for Professional Photography

Preparing Your Home for Professional Photography

Lighting and Cleaning Before Photography

  • Open all blinds and drapes
  • Turn on all lights and lamps, replace burnt out light bulbs
  • Remove excess clutter, vacuum, clean and mop tile floors
  • Wash windows both inside and out.

Staging a Living Room for Photography

  • Remove clutter in the living areas
  • Magazines and newspapers removed from view
  • Remote controls to be stored away
  • Hide power bars and cords out of sight where possible
  • Arrange furniture so the rooms look as spacious as possible
  • Remove throw rugs and area rugs where possible
  • Study – clear and remove clutter desk, straighten items on bookshelf, file papers away
  • Toy room – organize and remove toy clutter

Staging a Kitchen for Photography

  • Counters to be clean, uncluttered and clear of any appliances and utensils
  • Kitchen sink to be free of dishes
  • Remove magnets, photos, calendars, etc. from refrigerator
  • Take away tea towels

Staging the Bathroom and En Suite for Photography

  • Clear counter tops
  • Polish faucets and mirrors
  • Remove stains from sinks, grout and bathtubs
  • Clear away any personal items and cleaning products
  • Remove all towels and toilet paper roll
  • Toilet seat lid closed

Staging the Bedroom for Photography

  • Make the beds with fresh, clean linen
  • Clear out anything from under the bed that is visible
  • Bedside tables are to be clean, free of tissue boxes, remote controls, alarm clocks, jewelry, etc.

Staging the Front Yard, Gardens, and Backyard

  • Move vehicles out of view from front of house
  • Paving and sidewalks cleared, swept and weeds removed
  • Garbage bins and garden hose to be stored out of sight
  • Fertilise and mow lawn
  • Trim hedging and overgrown shrubbery
  • Put away lawn equipment and gardening tools
  • Neatly arrange outdoor items such as furniture and play equipment
  • Pools – cleaned with leaves and debris cleared. Water feature turned on
  • Pool equipment should be stored out of sight where possible

Professional Photography

How to Stage a Home for Photography

If the 3 rules of buying a property are “location, location, location”, then of equal value importance are the 3 rules of selling: “presentation, presentation, presentation”. With over 87% of buyers starting their search online, professional photos can mean the difference to be on a buyer’s short-list or not.

Twilight Photography

Images are captured at dusk - those moments with stunning light between the night and day. Twilight photography is excellent for showcasing exterior and interior views, emphasizing the rich colours and dramatic shades of light.

Full-Screen Virtual Tours

A 360° view of an interior or an exterior aspect of a property. Gives potential buyers an online interactive experience, almost the same as if they were physically immersed in the environment.

Interactive Floor Plan

A floor plan on the property displayed online where buyers can click on the hot spots to bring up corresponding high quality images. A simple and easy way to engage potential buyers with a point of reference.

Justin Havre at eXp Realty also offers the following when selling a home:

  • Walkthrough Movies
  • International Exposure
  • Seller Reports
  • Point of Interest Mapping

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