Why Should I Use an Agent to Purchase a New Home?

should i use an agent for new homeThe advantages of using the services of a real estate professional to help you purchase a new home are the same as those for purchasing a re-sale home. They can provide you with valuable insight into the market, they will help you find the perfect home quickly, and they provide you with expertise in contract writing, negotiation, and closing assistance.

The builder has a professional real estate representative watching out for their interests and you need and deserve the same expert representation watching out for your interests.

Buying a new home is a little more difficult and time-consuming than buying a re-sale. Our team can professionally guide you through this process. We make a point to stay very familiar with new home warranties and upcoming projects.

It is very important that your interests be professionally represented when you are entering into a contract for a semi-custom or a build-to-suit home. These transactions are complex and the contract details must be exact in order to protect you and to ensure you get exactly the home you want!

Is there any advantage to not using a real estate agent to purchase a new home? Great question! Please ask us about this, as we would be happy to explain this in more detail.

*Note: The builder requires that your agent accompany you on your first visit to the builder’s sales office or they will not pay your representative’s fee.

If Automobiles were Houses

Imagine that automobiles are sold like real estate, with no more car lots or dealerships. Both new and used cars are just parked on the street. So if you want a Ford, there are no more Ford dealerships. No more Lexus dealerships or any other kind of dealerships, either. If you want to look for a car on your own, you just drive around and see what you can find. Even then, you can only look at the outside, because you don’t have the keys.

There are some people that have the keys. They also have a computer that tells them where all the cars are parked, what model and year they are, what size engine they have, and how many miles are on the odometer. They get paid a commission for selling the cars.

Some of these commissioned real estate associates just sit around and look at the computer, waiting for the phone to ring. Some of them go out and locate the new cars, physically inspect the interior and exterior, and flip on the ignition to listen to the sound of the engine. They are interested in finding the best cars so their customers refer future clients to them.

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