Glenn McCormick, Real Estate Advisor

Glenn was born in Calgary and has lived here for his entire life (except for one year in England). He knows this city very well and it is one of the many things that benefit his clients. Glenn's work ethic is strong and he desires his clients' satisfaction like a heat seeking missile.
Take for example in 2016, when Glenn took a spill off his Harley Davidson on his way home from a trip to BC. He was lucky to come away from the accident without a broken bone, but it wasn't enough to stop him from hosting an open house the next day at one of his listings despite an aching body and road rash on his legs.
"I'm not happy unless my clients are happy, and with joy, I do what's necessary to achieve that."
Glenn feels that it's always worth persevering regardless of the urge to give in to excuses and comfort. He loves meeting people from all walks of life and sees his time on Earth as a wonderful adventure where nothing is more important than making people happy. The evidence of this is clear in the oodles of happy clients that have referred him the business of their friends and family since he got his licence in 2008.
When he's not helping his awesome clients buy or sell property, Glenn enjoys spending time with his Wife, Son (born 2015) and Cavalier. He is also blessed that his Wife supports his love for hockey, weightlifting, running, and travelling to places like Iceland and Mongolia to test his endurance over 60+ straight hours of physical challenges.

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