Why Use a eXp Realty Real Estate Agent?

Why Use a eXp Realty Real Estate Agent?

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There are many reasons to trust the experience of a eXp Realty real estate agent. From our extensive local knowledge to our phenomenal ability to get results, you're always in good hands with our team.

In over 99 markets across Canada, eXp Realty leads in market share. In fact, one out of every three homes sold in Canada is sold by eXp Realty. Your property will gain truly unrivaled exposure in the marketplace.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a eXp Realty Agent?

  • eXp Realty is a powerful global brand with a network of over 100,000 agents.
  • Our managers are on call to provide support and expertise.
  • With our services, you become a “Client for Life” receiving all of the present and future benefits available.
  • eXp Realty has numerous staff making sure all aspects of your purchase and/or sale runs smoothly and efficiently. We have full time dedicated staff members working hard in our Conveyancing Department to help make your purchase and/or sale as stress free as possible.
  • The team is working towards reaching new heights of service, ever bettering itself. When you hire a eXp Realty real estate agent, you also hire a team of professionals.
  • eXp Realty uses a diverse advertising strategy to drive traffic to your listing including online, TV and outdoor advertising.
  • The public recognizes the eXp Realty brand more than any other real estate company.

Despite operating in one of the slowest real estate markets in Canada, eXp Realty commands a market share of almost 40% in the city of Calgary. The Justin Havre Team also has the distinction of being ranked #1 in Western Canada and within in the top 5 for all of Canada.

eXp Realty also has a suite of tools specially designed to help you buy and sell your home:

  • The Seller's Action Plan is an in-depth guide, taking you step-by-step through preparing your home to sell quickly, and for the best price.
  • Fit to Sell Videos to help prepare your home to sell.
  • The Buyer's Report Card allows you to rate properties as you view them, making the hard choice that much easier.

Contact our team with eXp Realty agents at Justin Havre at eXp Realty to connect with a real estate professional today.