WedgewoodCalgary is a family friendly city that offers a number of neighbourhoods that are particularly suited for those that have children. Neighbourhoods that offer community schools, easy access to activities, sports and shopping and that have plenty of green space to move around are just a few of the items that make them child friendly. The ones listed below are some of the top choices you can find within this growing and vibrant city.

Garrison Woods

This neighbourhood allows children to foster a sense of independence while also offering them a range of amenities designed with them in mind. Quality community schools located in the neighbourhood allow them to walk to school with their friends each day. Parks, gymnastics, hockey rink yoga, music, and preschool and dance options are located within walking distance as well.


Nestled right in the University of Calgary's backyard, Varsity has grown from a neighbourhood with a focus on higher education to one that includes families with children of all ages. Expansive parks and sprawling school yards encourage and support active children. Playgrounds are dotted throughout the community, each offering a distinct feel and all nearly always teeming with the happy noise of energetic children. Various shopping options nearby allow you to complete your errands while reducing the need for long commutes in the car.

Arbour Lake

This lakeside neighbourhood offers a good mix of activities for people of all ages, making it the ideal place for families with children to put down roots. Located only 20 minutes from downtown, and near an alluring marketplace, Arbour Lake also offers residents access to a middle school, a high school and a Catholic school within its bounds.