Relocating to Calgary With Children

Family Shopping for a New HomeRecently, MoneySense Magazine, a top financial magazine and website in Canada, rated Calgary as the best places to raise kids. There are good reasons for this, and a few are outlined below.


Even though this city boasts well over a million people that call it home, it has consistently been ranked as one of the safest in the province of Alberta. A prosperous city, it is the largest in Alberta and has continued to invest in the equipment, workers and technology needed to keep up with its population in the security and protection sectors.

Varied Activities

Given its superb geographic location, Calgary offers a range of activities that can be enjoyed as a family. Located along the Bow River, and with the Rocky Mountains only an hour away, water sports, hiking and snow sports are just a few of the choices available for physical activity. Since Calgary is a large city, you can count on the opportunity to expose your children to plenty of cultural destinations, such as the Calgary library, Alberta ballet and the theater, as well as a number of annual festivals.

High Incomes and Low Taxes

Raising a family takes a great deal of money. Calgary is one of the most affluent cities in Canada. The city has enjoyed the highest wages and salary per worker for 12 years running. It has also seen a great deal of growth in salaries. Taxes can take a significant cut from wages but those living in Calgary will find that their income goes further. The city has low gasoline taxes as well as low property taxes. There is no GST in Calgary and the city offers high tax exemptions, including ones for spouses.