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Recycling & Composting In Calgary

The city offers a blue cart recycling program for all single family residences, as well as residential buildings with up to four units. The service collects paper, cans, cardboard, glass and plastics on the same day and from the same location as regular garbage collection. If you need a blue cart, please call 3-1-1. As well, there are almost 60 community recycling depots around the city. The city also offers electronics drop-off spots and special seasonal services or events, such as hazardous materials disposal days, Christmas tree pick-up, and fall leaf and pumpkin collection days.

Check out the City of Calgary’s website for more information.

There is no curbside organics composting program, but the City of Calgary, working with Green Calgary, provides subsidized composters for your home for $25 each.

Electricity & Natural Gas

The Utilities Consumer Advocate are our voice when it comes to Alberta’s electricity and gas markets. The UCA represents Alberta small consumers by advocating for reasonable costs, empowering albertans, safeguarding consumer interests, providing balanced representation and resolving concerns respectfully. They also provide unbiased information to help you decide which energy providers to use. Check out their website to find out which energy providers are available in your city/town.

Sewer & Water

Sewer Phone:    403-268-1155
Water Phone:    403-268-4355

Call Before You Dig

If you plan to disturb the ground, find out where the buried facilities on your property that are owned by the utilities are as part of your project planning process. If, for example, you are planning to build a fence, the presence of buried facilities may dictate where posts cannot be installed, which may affect the design of the fence, including the location of gates.

Phone: 1-800-242-3447

Get Connected...

The websites listed below are of some of the most popular service providers available in our area. Quite often you will be able to find companies which offer package deals and include two or three of these services together.

Traditional Home Telephone

Mobile Phone

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