What’s Motivating Calgary’s Current Home Buyers and Sellers?

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The purpose of the proprietary research study commissioned by Justin Havre & Associates is to better understand home buyers and sellers in Calgary. The focus is on those who have bought and/or sold a home within the past four years AND those who intend to or “might” buy or sell a home within the next year.

This study was conducted from February 3-8, 2022.

Satisfaction and Motivation Among Intenders (Coming Year)

Satisfaction with Real Estate Agent: Almost everyone who intends to buy or sell plans to use a Real Estate Agent (93%)

Important Qualities in a Real Estate Agent (Current Year)

The most important qualities in a Real Estate Agent among those intending to buy or sell in the next year are: 

  • Honesty (80%)
  • Knowledgeable (76%)
  • Trust (74%)
  • Integrity (74%)
  • Experience (66%)
  • Responsiveness (59%) 
  • Good Communicator (58%)
  • Helpful (51%)
  • Reputation (48%)

Satisfaction and Motivation Among Buyers/Sellers (Past Four Years)

Important Qualities in a Real Estate Agent (Past 4 Years)

The most important reasons among those who bought or sold in the past four years are:

  • Knowledgeable (41%) 
  • Good communication (41%)
  • Responsiveness (37%) 
  • Helpful (37%) 
  • Honesty (36%) 
  • Trust (35%) 
  • Experience (35%) 
  • Kind (29%) 
  • Integrity (27%)
  • Recommendation (26%) 
  • Reputation (25%)