Which Unique Candies can you Find in Calgary?

Posted by Justin Havre on Monday, April 22nd, 2019 at 10:47am.

The Best Candies Around CalgaryWho doesn't have a secret sugar craving? Whether it's Halloween, a special occasion, or you just want to indulge your taste buds, here are some unique candies and sweets around Calgary that you have to check out.

Coppeneur Chocolate's Chili & Whiskey Bar - 105 8 Avenue SW

For dark chocolate lovers, stop by Coopeneur Chocolate's Chili & Whiskey Bar for their Chili & Whiskey Chocolate Bar. Their chocolate uses Highland Whiskey, chilies and cayenne pepper making their chocolate quite hot. They offer various flavours through truffles, filled bars, hot chocolate, nougat spreads and so much more. This type of chocolate is a favourite among parents more than their little ones.

Gummi Boutique - 205 10 Street NW

Kids absolutely love the Gummi Boutique because of their yummy insect candies. They have some of the biggest and best gummy treats in Calgary and offer fun options like “scorpion lollipops.” Try the crickets flavoured in salt and vinegar, bacon and cheese or sour cream and onion. They also offer the world's largest gummi bear in different flavours for $37.99.

Sweet Factory - 2000 Airport Road NE

The Sweet Factory is the place to go for Bertie Botts beans. They have every flavour of Bertie Botts beans available. The Sweet Factory offers popcorn, soft serve ice-cream and fashion accessories like candy wrapper purses. You'll find just about everything from jelly belly's to chocolates, sugar free candies to sour candies and hard candies to chewy candies.

Epiphanie Chocolates - 1417B 11 Street SW

If you like unusual flavours of chocolate, try Epiphanie Chocolates. They offer a Double Smoked Bacon made with chocolate from the Philippines. Try all types of unusual chocolate from their signature line including Rose, Peaseblossom and Earl Gray.

Pixie's Candy Parlour - 207, 11135 14 Street NE

Pixie's Candy Parlour is a true "old-fashioned" candy shop with tons of character and fun. This location is brimming with nostalgia and great gift ideas as well as delicious treats. The store offers a staggering array of candies, including old favorites and hot, trendy delights. In addition, Pixie's has a full-service soda fountain in service so guests can enjoy their favorite ice cream and soft drink treats too. Finally, the store specializes in unique catering opportunities as well, including offering a candy buffet that is ideal for weddings and other events.

Sate your sugar cravings with these unique treats around Calgary.

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