Which Sushi Rolls are the Local Favourites in Calgary?

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, June 6th, 2014 at 10:13am.

Image Credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/spcummings/1774337247When you decide to go out and eat sushi, you do not want just any sushi; you want the most delicious sushi bar you can find. Here are some of the local favourites for when you are craving sushi in Calgary.

Sho Sushi - 110 - 7212 Macleod Trail South

Sho Sushi serves the freshest sushi in all of Calgary. The Lobster Roll is a popular choice for anyone craving lobster and sushi. This sushi roll features grilled lobster, tempura (shrimp), and avocado rolled up and topped off with black tobiko and garlic pepper sauce. The very presentation of the sushi roll when served is enough to make your mouth water with hunger.

Sushi Bar Zipang - 1010 1 Avenue NE

Sushi Bar Zipang has not one, but two of the local favourite shrimp rolls in Calgary. You might have so much trouble choosing between the Ebi Tempura Roll and the Spicy Hotate Roll that you end up getting them both.  

Ebi Tempura Roll

This sushi roll draws in customers with its perfect combination of textures and flavours.  It features creamy and chilled avocado with crunch tempura (shrimp) and pops of tobiko.

Spicy Hotate Roll

This sushi roll is perfect for anyone who likes a lot of spice in their food. The scallop in this sushi roll is coated with Sushi Bar Zipang's special "spicy sauce." There is enough wasabi in this sushi roll to make your eyes water.

Midori - 1054 17th Avenue S.W

For less than $11, you can visit Midori and enjoy their delicious and affordable Evergreen Roll. This sushi roll is perfect for anyone who likes shrimp and lots of vegetables. It contains shrimp, asparagus, avocados, cucumbers, and salad mix all rolled up.

Even if the sushi rolls featured do not make your mouth water, these sushi establishments are popular in Calgary for selling the best sushi rolls you can get your hands on.

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