Which New Restaurants are opening in Calgary in 2015?

Posted by Justin Havre on Thursday, January 1st, 2015 at 10:01am.

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The New Year is upon us, and 2015 will be a tasty year in Calgary. Currently, there are 8 new restaurants due to open this coming year. From delicious steaks to authentic Mexican food, you will get to experience some outstanding selections while visiting these new eateries. Here’s a look at a few of the new restaurants planning to open in 2015.

The Beltliner

Current owner of the Taste, Brendan Bankowski, proudly brings you The Beltiner. This modern eatery provides a variety of menu options, which includes Tomahawk steak, herb salad, chive butter and potato strings. Bankowski wanted to take timeless classics and give them a makeover.

You can expect to find chocolate milk and French toast on the breakfast menu. The Beltliner will also serve a variety of alcoholic beverages. Selections will include 50 different types of bourbon.


Owners John Jackson and Connie DeSousan took their inspiration from Phil and Sebastian Coffee Roasters and Sidewalk Citizen Bakery. The Charbar is all about giving their customers amazing coffee, delicious bread and a variety of cut meats. There will be a rooftop patio for diners to enjoy. This café is scheduled to have a springtime opening.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is all about bringing healthy selections to Calgary. Think fresh when you visit, as this eatery is prepared to help you keep your diet intact. This is not a dine-in eatery, but rather a to-go dining option. Menu options include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

You will also be given the nutritional information of each item offered. The Kitchen is also prepared to help those who are specifically looking for a diet friendly meal. They will label menu options with “lean” or “performance” to help you determine the best meal for your weight goals.

Other restaurants due to open in 2015 include:

Many other restuatants may also open their doors in Calgary for 2015. These are just the ones currently expected to open.

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