Which New Bridges are Found in Calgary?

Posted by Justin Havre on Friday, March 6th, 2015 at 11:54am.

The Peace Bridge - Image Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:The_Peace_Bridge_in_Calgary_an_HDR_photo.jpg

With the world changing so fast, it can be hard to keep up. However, Calgary has done a great job of keeping up and has started to bridge the city into the future.

Bridges have been constructed in Calgary, specifically in the inner city to help support the migration. These new bridges don't use the depreciating 1-tonne metal exoskeletons, which are simply not good for anybody. The designs use an ultra-wide standard, provide built-in lighting and connect neighbourhoods and commuter routes. Here's a look at some of these new bridges in Calgary.

St. Patrick's Bridge

Maybe the most spectacular of the new bridges in Calgary, the St. Patrick's Bridge provides an elegant design. It connects the Calgary Zoo, St. Patrick's Island Park (undergoing redevelopment) and the East Village RiverWalk.

Peace Bridge

This bridge was a controversial one, but now it's loved by residents. It was completed in 2012 and provides one of the top bridges ever built in the city. The bridge actually helped put Calgary on the New York Time's list of top places to visit.

Elbow River Traverse

A new connection across the Elbow River, this bridge fills a very necessary link. It connects the East Village and Inglewood. It's quickly becoming one of the top spots to see the sun set in Calgary.

Sandy Beach, Rideau Park and Riverdale Avenue Bridges

Maybe not as innovative as the Peace Bridge, these three bridges are very important connections for Calgary. They were all lost in the 2013 flood, but quickly replaced with more elegant, functional and durable designs. They do pay homage to the old bridges, but have been designed to allow commuters to use them for the next century.

These bridges help to connect the city of Calgary and provide a way for Calgarians to get to where they are going. They are beautifully designed and made to last for years to come.

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